Lonnie and Sue - Traveling North America

The Beginning

We are Travelers, Not Campers ! ! !

2007 Holiday Rambler Ambassador, 40' diesel, 4 slides, rear office.  Modified to include a desk in the front.
2002 Holiday Rambler, 36' gas, 2 slides, 1 1/2 bath.

Sue and I retired in October 2003.  We had owned a 26’ travel trailer that we had used, for 12 years, to take a one month vacation during September-October each year.  We enjoyed it so much our goal was to continue to travel after retirement.

Our plan was to travel for 2 to 3 months, return home for 2 to 3 months, and then repeat the cycle.  Because the travel trailer was so small, we decided to upgrade to a motorhome.  The older you get the more important your comfort becomes.

So we bought a 36’ Holiday Rambler Admiral motorhome in August 2003 and started modifying it to meet our needs.  We had been looking at motorhomes for 5 years before retiring and had never seen anything that we didn’t think needed modifying.  It is our opinion that the designer of motorhomes have never been inside one.

In 2004 we departed for our first 2 to 3 month trip and stayed out 7 months.  Really didn’t want to go home but needed to make some repairs on the house.  In 2005 we departed for our next 2 to 3 month trip and stayed out 8 months.  Had to return for the same reason.  We had discussed going fulltime but had never found a motorhome that we thought we could be comfortable living in fulltime. 

In 2006 departed again.  Before we got very far, while looking at new motorhomes in Houston, we found a 2006 Holiday Rambler Ambassador with a floor plan that we really liked.  Sue said that she could live in that one.  We returned home, placed an order for a new 2007 model, and put our house on the market. 

We cleaned out the house and moved into the motorhome on 12 June 2006.  While waiting for the house to sell, and the new motorhome to arrive, we took a trip to Washington D.C.  The new motorhome didn’t arrive until October 2006 and the house didn’t sell until January 2007.

We have been on the road ever since and loving nearly every minute of it.  Don’t have a lot of love when I have to break camp in the mud.

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