Lonnie and Sue - Traveling North America

2012 Travels in and around Prince Edward Island

 My campground rating system is on a scale of 5/5 with the first number being the levelness of the site and the second being the appearance.  A 3/3 would be an average site.

 I have left the prices in for comparison and to give a general idea of what to expect.  Depending on when you read this, factor in inflation.

Note - Explanation of fuel prices in Canada.   $1.219 = $4.57  indicates the price per liter = the US price per gallon as adjusted for the current exchange rate.

You can read it through or select specific locations below. 

 Travel Log - June  9 to August 20, 2012        [Tab 2012 PEI, Canada]

This is our third trip to Prince Edward Island so we did not do as much driving or take as many pictures as we usually do.  This summer was more for relaxation and just enjoying our surroundings. 


We departed Lubbock, TX on 17 April.  Made the following extended stops inroute to Canada:
        Ardmore, OK to visit relatives
        McAlester, OK to visit relatives
        Benton, AR to visit friends
        Fort Wayne, IN to do genealogy research
        Goshen, IN for the Chapter 419 HRRVC Maintenance Session
        Fort Wayne, IN for more genealogy research
        Fulton, KY to visit relatives
        Frankford, KY for genealogy research
        Across the Adirondack Mountains to Maine

06-09-2012     Sat

Arrived and stayed the night at:

Campsite:   Palmyra Campground, Palmyra, ME - overnight - site B5 - gravel pad - back-in - 50 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, fire ring - Passport America Park but not good on Friday, Saturday, and Holidays - also Good Sam Park - Cost $29.61 per night - Saved $3.29 - Rating 5/3 - Got setup at 4:20 PM - Have satellite. 

Drove pickup 0 miles.

06-10-2012     Sun      Trip Meter:   215.2  

Fueled Coach:   At an Irving in Baileyville, ME.  $3.899.

Driving Directions:   Got back on US 2 and continued east.  At Bangor, ME at the jct of ME 9 took it east.  After we crossed the bridge we took NB 1 east to Saint John, NB.

Days Activities:   Departed campground at 9:40 AM. 

We stopped at a duty free store and Sue purchased a 1.125 litre bottle of Johnny Walker Red for $24.00.  The sales clerk had to see us driving toward the border before letting us have it.

The GPS didn’t work very well in Saint John.  I knew the campground was in town but the GPS was showing it to be 10 miles away.  Then we saw signs directing us to the campground so we started to follow them.  When I missed a turn I went back to the GPS and it indicated 9 miles.  We followed the GPS and it took us around in a circle and we ended up where we started about a half mile from the campground.   

Campsite:   Rockwood Park Campground, Saint John, NB - 2 nights - site 39 - gravel pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, WiFi (FREE) - City Park - Cost $34.00 per night - Rating 4/2 - Got setup at 4:50 PM - Have satellite. 

06-11-2012     Mon           

Days Activities:   We went to the City Market but didn’t buy anything.  I had a lobster roll for lunch and Sue had a salad. 

Drove pickup 21.4 miles.

06-12-2012     Tue      Trip Meter:   113.1     

Driving Directions:   Got back on NB 1 and continued east.  In about 70 miles NB 1 turned into TC 2 and we continued east.  At exit 467B we took NB 11 north/NB 15 east.  At exit 31B got off and continued on NB 11 north.  In about a half mile got off at exit 1 and it was a half mile to the campground. 

Days Activities:   Departed campground at 11:20 AM.   

Campsite:   Camping Parasol, Shediac, NB - 2 nights - site 54 - gravel pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, fire ring, (FREE - but never got it to connect), cable (FREE Cost but didn’t ask the rate) - Passport America Park - Cost $20 per night - Saved $40.00 - Rating 5/4 - Got setup at 1:45 PM - Have satellite.

At the fish store we got 2 lobsters for lunch - $6.99 per pound.

06-13-2012     Wed 

Days Activities:   We drove over to Moncton for the city market but it is only open on Saturdays.  Then we went candlestick bowling - 2 games each for a total of $13.00. 

Had lunch in Shediac.  Sue had scallops and I had clams. 

Drove pickup 45.0 miles.

06-14-2012      Thur      Trip Meter:   89.5      

Driving Directions:   From Shediac we took NB 15 east.  At TC 16 took it east.  After crossing Confederation Bridge we took TC 1 east.  In about 3 miles took TC 1A north.  In another 3 miles, at the jct of Hwy 225 took it east.  At the jct of Hwy 13 took it north.  At Hunter River took Hwy 251 east.  At the jct of hwy 6 took it west about 1 mile to the turnoff for the campground. 

Days Activities:   Departed campground at 11:25 AM.  As we were getting on the highway out of Shediac someone flagged me down pointing at the motorhome.  I stopped and found I had forgotten to put the satellite dish down. 

We stopped at the visitor’s center in PEI and picked up some brochures.

Campsite:   Bayside RV Campground, Oyster Bed Bridge, PEI - 22 nights - site A48 - grass pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, fire ring, WiFi (FREE) - Passport America Park but discount not good on 30 amp sites - Rating 2/5 - Got setup at 2:25 PM - Have satellite.  

Originally registered for 2 weeks.  Regular price is $208.00 per week but we were given the off season discount @ $175.00 per week.  We had wanted 3 weeks but there is a big race the weekend of Canada Day and all of his 30 amp sites are booked.  The next day we decided to move to a 15 amp site for the Canada Day weekend so I registered for another week.  Will stay where we are for 15 days, and then move to site 17 for 3 days - then back to A48 for 3 days.   

We had to stay over an additional day waiting for our mail to arrive.  When we departed we paid $150.00 for the additional 8 days.  They took into consideration the fact we had had to move to a 2-way site for Canada Day weekend.  The 2-way site is $4.00 a day less than the 3-Way.  Not sure what the regular price should have been but we got a real good deal by moving. 

I put our canopy up so we will have shade.  There are trees here but are very short.

NOTE - The route we took from Lubbock to here was 4,333 miles. 
Our campsite at Bayside RV Campground, Oyster Bed Bridge, PEI.
The grounds at Bayside RV Campground.

06-15-2012     Fri      

Days Activities:   Very cold today with winds gusting to 20-22 mph.  Ran the furnace off and on and the electric heater all day. 

We drove over to North Rustico to check on a show for tonight but it was sold out.  Went ahead and bought a ticket for a different show for Wednesday the 20th.  Need to be there by 7 PM.  Cost $23.10 for the 2 tickets. 

I ordered tickets for a Festival of Small Halls in Summerside for tomorrow night at 7:30 PM.  It will be songs and story telling.  

Note:  There will be a month of "Festival of Small Halls" performance in towns and villages all over PEI.  They are presentations of stage shows, story telling, poetry readings, and a mixture of Celtic, Country, and Bluegrass music.  We will make as many as we can.  It is our goal to see as many shows and listen to as much music as we can during our stay on PEI.

We had lobster for dinner - $7.25 per pound.  We buy our lobster at roadside fish markets and it is already cooked.

06-16-2012     Sat    

Fueled Pickup:   At Irving in Hunter River, PEI.  $1.174 = $4.327. 

Days Activities:   The stock car race track is next to the campground and the races had started before we left camp.  We departed for Summerside at 6 PM.  It is a 40 minute drive.  Had trouble finding the church where the performance was because the address on the tickets was a Charlottetown address.  Finally got there a little late.  The performance was great.  It was titled “Tell Me Tales of Summerside” and had the following performers:  David Weale, storyteller and Patrick Ledwell, comedian.  Both were very good.  Then there was a female singer, Jordan Camron.  I didn’t think she was very good.  We won a door price of a T-shirt and a CD, “My, What A Lovely Hat" by Jordan Cameron, for being the ones that traveled the greatest distance to see the show.  Tickets to the show were $31.50.   

We got back home around 10:30 PM and the races were still going.

06-17-2012     Sun   

Days Activities:   We stayed in today.  Tried to set outside and read but it was still a bit cool.

06-18-2012     Mon           

Days Activities:   I ordered tickets for 2 shows; one tonight and one Friday night. 

We drove over to North Rustico in the afternoon and ate lunch.  Sue had the fish burger platter (onion rings instead of FF) and I had the clam burger with onion rings.  Then I purchased a lobster for my dinner tomorrow night.  I will grill steaks and I want steak and lobster but Sue just wants steak. 

Purchased 2 bags of firewood from the campground for $10.00. 

We went to North Rustico to see the Festival of Small Halls performance of “Night Out In The Crick”.  The first performer, Nudie, was supposed to be a country singer in the style of Hank Williams but he was really on the low side of mediocre.  The next act was a bluegrass group called Chaisson Trio.  They were great.  They have been playing around PEI for 30 years.  We wanted to buy a CD but they haven’t recorded any.  The third act was a quartette called Saddle River String Band.  They were a fun act to watch and the music was great.  We purchased their latest CD for $20.00, “Ain’t Done Dyin’”.  Tickets to the show were $42.00.

06-19-2012     Tue    

Days Activities:   We drove into Charlottetown and went to the Archives so Sue could do some genealogy research for a relative in Kentucky.  Not sure if she got what was needed.  She emailed the info to her relative and is now waiting to see if she needs to go back to the Archives.  Parking on the street was $2.00. 

Went to the box office that sold tickets to “Anne of Green Gables” and purchased tickets for July 3rd.  Cost $37.00 each for the opening performance - was half price 

Drove around town a bit, went to the grocery store, stopped and checked on propane, and stopped at a liquor store for rum and wine.  Returned to camp and grilled steaks over real coals.  I cook them too long - am really out of practice over real coals.  Sue just had streak and I had steak and lobster.

06-20-2012     Wed     

Days Activities:   We stayed in during the morning and afternoon.  At 6:45 PM we left for North Rustico for The Montgomery Theatre and saw a play called “Travels With My Aunt”.  The cast was 4 men who played both the male and female roles.  They also took turns playing the lead role.  It was very interesting and very different from anything we have ever seen.

06-21-2012     Thur      

Days Activities:   Weather was not good today so we stayed in.  Tried to work on genealogy but the internet was constantly up and down because the campground is in the process of installing a new system.

06-22-2012     Fri    

Days Activities:   Internet is working but not very good.  In the evening we went to New London to a Festival of Small Halls called “Celtic & Country”.  The performers were 1] Kenneth MacKenzie, a fiddle and bagpipe player.  He was good - Sue purchased a CD, “Pipes and Fiddle”.  2] Meaghan Blanchard, a singer that Sue thought was very good but I didn’t think much of.  Sue bought a CD, “Chasin’ Lonely Again”.  3] Troy MacGillivary & Shane Cook with Jake Charron, musicians.  Troy and Shane played the fiddle with Jake on the keyboard.  For a couple of numbers Troy played the keyboard and Jake the guitar.  They were very good.  Sue bought a CD “Celtic Spring”.  All CD’s were $20.00 each.

06-23-2012     Sat      

Fueled Pickup:   At Oyster Bed Bridge, PEI.  $1.174 = $4.356. 

Days Activities:   We drove over to Summerside to the Saturday Market but they didn’t have much so it was a wasted trip for shopping.  Then we took a drive around the shore and took some pictures at New London Bay.  Stopped at a seafood retail processing plant and priced oysters.  Will go back there and buy some later.  We stopped off in North Rustico at Fisherman’s Wharf and had the salad bar for lunch.  Not much of a salads bar for $8.95.

At an overlook above New London Bay.
A field of flowers, surrounding a house, opposite the overlook.

06-24-2012     Sun   

Days Activities:   Stayed in today.  The internet was down so we watched movies all day - from noon until 11 PM.

06-25-2012     Mon           

Days Activities:   We stayed in and read.  The internet is still down.

06-26-2012     Tue     

Days Activities:   Sue went to Charlottetown to the Archives and worked for 3 ½ hours.  I stayed home.  The internet came on this morning.

06-27-2012     Wed    

Days Activities:   Sue went back to Charlottetown and got her hair permed.  I stayed home again.  We went to Carr’s Oyster Bar in Stanley Bridge and had fried oysters for dinner.

06-28-2012     Thur     

Days Activities:   Sprinkle off and on all day.  We stayed in and read. 

06-29-2012     Fri      

Days Activities:   Had to change sites for the weekend - moved to L-17.  Only had 15 amp and no sewer.  Got moved and set up at 12:35 PM.  It took over an hour because the site was very unlevel and had to put extensions on both the water and electric.  Then we have to move our canopy. 

The weather was great.  We sat outside and read during the afternoon.  Then I went and got 2 lobsters for dinner. 

06-30-2012     Sat      

Days Activities:   We went to Charlottetown to the 6 PM harness races.  Admission is still free.  We stayed for 11 of the 12 races but only bet on 9 of them.  Races 5 and 6 ran while we were eating dinner.  We had the buffet and it was really good but not worth the $70.00 it cost.  Next time we will eat in the grill, not the dining room.  Sue won 60 cents and I lost $6.70.  We had a good time.

07-01-2012     Sun   

Days Activities:   We went to North Rustico for the Canada Day parade.  We have seen better in smaller towns.  There was only one band of bag pipes, and only a couple of floats that advertised local businesses.  The majority of the parade was tractors, cars, motorcycles, and government vehicles. 

Then we went to the Dirt Car Derby.  It was actually what we know as soapbox cars.  There were six cars and they ran 6 races each.  I don’t think any of the drivers were over 8 years old and several were only around 6.  It was fun to watch and the kids seemed to have a really good time participating.  There were about 20 races.

A great marching band at the North Rustico for the Canada Day parade.
The Dirt Car Derby that was held after the parade.

07-02-2012     Mon   

Days Activities:   Moved back to site A48 this afternoon.  It took about an hour - I broke the canopy down and stored it.

07-03-2012     Tue    

Days Activities:   We went to see “Anne of Green Gables” in Charlottetown.  We enjoyed it as much as the other 2 times we had seen it.

07-04-2012     Wed      

Days Activities:   I bought 10 lbs of oysters and 1 lb of scallops today.  We fried 6 lbs of the oysters and they were really good.  Will cook the scallops later.

07-05-2012     Thur      

Fueled Pickup:   At an Esso in Oyster Bay Bridge, PEI.  $1.132 = $4.201.

Days Activities:   We went into Charlottetown and got more money and stocked up on groceries. 

Our mail arrived today so we will leave tomorrow.  Had to stay over an extra day waiting for it to arrive.

Our stay here was very slow, lazy, and relaxing.

Drove pickup 652.2 miles.

07-06-2012      Fri      Trip Meter:   72.1      

Driving Directions:   Went back to Charlottetown for propane then took Hwy 2 east.  At St Peters took Hwy 16 east to the campground. 

Days Activities:   Stopped at the office and paid for the last 8 days.  Cost $150.00.  Departed campground at 11:20 AM.  Stopped and got propane in Charlottetown at a Circle K-Irving Oil.  Took 91.991 Litre = 24.30 gal - cost $0.98 per litre = $3.636 per gal - cost $95.51 CN. 

Campsite:   Campbell’s Cove Campground, Campbell’s Cove, PEI - 14 nights - site 51 - grass pad - back-in - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, fire ring, WiFi (one time $3.00 cost and the money is donated to the Cancer Society ), Commercial Campground - See next para for savings - Rating 4/5 - Got setup at 1:55 PM - Have satellite. The campground WiFi is great. 

Regular rate is $30.00 per night.  Got a senior discount or weekly rate discount of 10%.  However, there is an additional 10% discount for a second week.  So first week cost $189, and second cost $170.00 for an average daily cost of $25.64 CN.

Our campsite at Campbell’s Cove Campground, Campbell’s Cove, PEI .
The grounds at Campbell's Cove Campground.

07-07-2012     Sat      

Days Activities:   Took a short drive out to the East Point Lighthouse for lunch.  Then back west to drive around in the Red Point Provincial Park Campground.  This is a large wide open campground that overlooks the bay. Stopped at the Basin Head Fisheries Museum - not as good as the 2004 trip because their video selection no longer contained videos on lobster, clam, and scallops.  Cost $4.20 each.  Drove into Souris then back to camp.  Stopped at a fish market and bought 2 lobsters.  Cost $9.95 per pound. 

Grilled pork chops for dinner.  The propane bottle ran out while I was burning off the grill after cooking.

07-08-2012     Sun   

Days Activities:   I drove into Souris to get the propane bottle filled but they are closed on Sundays.  It is at an Irving station. 

We had lobster that we purchased at a Souris fish market yesterday.  Cost in North Rustico was $7.25 per lb but here it is $9.95 per lb.  Was told the reason was because the lobster season closed here last week.  The lady in the campground said they were buying live one for $5.00 per lb 2 weeks ago. 

I built a fire and grilled 2 oysters.  Wanted to see how they came out - they were really good.  Will grill the ones we still have when we get some propane. 

In the evening we went back to Souris to the Souris Show Hall and saw a musical show called “Back -to-Back”.  Performers were Lester Stubbert & Jolee Patkai.  It was suppose to be a mix of Celtic and country with Lester doing the Celtic and Jolee doing country.  The only Celtic we heard was one song.  They performed two 45 minute sessions.  We were not impressed with their music and did not buy any CD’s.  Cost was $10.00 each.  The performance was scheduled to start at 8 PM so we got there at 7:25 to get good beasts.  We were the only ones there until 7:45.  There were only 14 paying customers for the entire show.  However, we did win a door prize - a set of salt and pepper shakers.  Will give them to Carolyn.

07-09-2012     Mon          

Days Activities:   We stayed in today and walked on the beach.  I waded in the surf - it was very cold.

The beach at Campbell's Cove Campground.
Walking the beach at Campbell's Cove Campground.  The water was cold but we don't have a lot of beaches to walk in West Texas.

07-10-2012     Tue      

Days Activities:   We stayed in today.  We sat out some but the bugs and mosquitoes are real bad.  Sue got 2 bug bites on her head and several on her back that are giving her problems. 

07-11-2012     Wed      

Days Activities:   We drove over to Souris and got some groceries and got the grill propane bottle filled.  The propane cost $12.08.   

I grilled hamburgers for dinner.

07-12-2012     Thur   to     07-17-2012     Tue  

Activities:   On the 13th I purchased 2 tickets for a play in Georgetown for the 18th.  It appears to be about an hours drive there.  We made a couple of trips to Souris and did a short drive around the area.  The rest of the time we just stayed around camp, worked on genealogy, and enjoyed the quiet and the view.  They have a great WiFi system.

07-18-2012     Wed      

Days Activities:   We went to see a play tonight in Georgetown at the King’s Playhouse called “The Great Ice Cream Scheme”.  It was moderately entertaining.  Cost was $26.50 each.  I had purchased the tickets on the 13th

07-19-2012     Thur      

Days Activities:   I have acquired a bladder infection so went to the clinic in Souris.  Cost $40.00 to see the doctor, get a urine test, and get a prescription.  The medicine cost $37.07.  It is the same thing that we get for free in Lubbock.

Note - The campground is great.  It sets on a bluff overlooking the ocean and the view is fantastic.  The only down side was the insects - there are many varieties and in great number.  They stopped us from setting outside in the evenings.

Drove pickup 318.2 miles.

07-20-2012      Fri      Trip Meter:   64.6      

Fueled Coach:   At an Irving in Dundas, PEI.  $1.259 - $4.711.   

Driving Directions:   Took Hwy 16 west about 2 miles.  Then took Hwy 302 south about 7 miles.  At Hwy 16 took it north again to Hwy 4.  At Hwy 4 took it south, through Montague, to Hwy 17.  Took Hwy 17 east to the campground. 

Days Activities:   Departed campground at 11:45 AM.  We stopped in Souris and Sue purchased some wine.  We stopped at a self-serve roadside potato wagon and Sue purchased a 5 lb bag of Irish Cobbler Potatoes for $5.00.  We stopped and got diesel in Dundas.  

Campsite:   Seal Cove Campground & Golf Course, Murray Harbour North, PEI - 14 nights - site 57 - grass pad - back-in - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, fire ring, WiFi (FREE), Commercial Campground - Cost $31.50 per night but we got the weekly rate of $27.00 per night.  Rating 5/4 - Got setup at 2:30 PM - Have satellite.  Great WiFi service.  Weekly rate is $180.00 plus $9.00 tax.  Waterfront sites are available for $38.00 per night

07-21-2012     Sat      

Days Activities:   We walked to the beach and checked out the clams.  There seems to be plenty.  I need a small hand rake to help dig them out of the sand.

07-22-2012     Sun   

Days Activities:   I’m getting a flare up of the bladder infection.  We stayed in and worked on genealogy, played computer games, and read.

07-23-2012     Mon      

Days Activities:   Took the scenic route to Montague for lunch, grocery shopping, and to buy a small hand rake to use gathering clams.  This is the nicest day, weather wise, we have had since arriving in PEI.

07-24-2012     Tue      

Days Activities:   Very overcast this morning.  Started raining about 3 PM.  Really nice reading weather.

07-25-2012     Wed      

Days Activities:   Light rain through the morning.  We read and worked on genealogy.

07-26-2012     Thur     

Days Activities:   Beautiful day.  I went to the beach and dug a few clams.  Didn’t get enough for a meal so will go back tomorrow. 

We drove into Charlottetown and did a bit of shopping and went to the harness races.  Sue won $2.30 and I lost $4.80.  Really enjoyed the races.

07-27-2012     Fri      

Days Activities:   Overcast.  We stayed in and read and worked on genealogy.

07-28-2012     Sat      

Days Activities:   We went to the Northumberland Fisheries Festival in Murray River.  We watched the Fish Tank Races and the Log Rolling.  Both events were for young children.  Took pictures.  The events were at the wharf.  We sat in our chairs, watched the events, and had a hotdog.  Both of these events were late morning and through lunch. 

Went back home for a couple of hours then returned to the festival for the lobster dinner.  It was only $17.00 each.  The meal was great.  The lobster had already been picked from the shell and we each got about a lobster and a half per plate. 

There were a couple of other events we wanted to attend but did not know where they were being held.  Nothing in any of the brochures or posters had locations listed.  We looked at their vendor booths - cost $4.00 each for entry - but it was just junk.  Returned home.

Fish Tub races.  They were very hard to steer and turned over easy.
Log Rolling.  None of them stayed on log but they had a lot of fun, and a bath.

07-28-2012     Sat      

Days Activities:   We went to the Northumberland Fisheries Festival in Murray River.  We watched the Fish Tank Races and the Log Rolling.  Both events were for young children.  Took pictures.  The events were at the wharf.  We sat in our chairs, watched the events, and each had a hotdog.  Both of these events were late morning and through lunch. 

Went back home for a couple of hours then returned to the festival for the lobster dinner.  It was only $17.00 each.  The meal was great.  The lobster had already been picked from the shell and we each got about a lobster and a half per plate. 

There were a couple of other events we wanted to attend but did not know where they were being held.  Nothing in any of the brochures or posters had locations listed.  We looked at their vendor booths - cost $4.00 each for entry - but it was just junk.  Returned home.

07-30-2012     Mon           

Fueled Pickup:   At jct Hwys 4 and 324 north of Murray Harbour.  $1.195 = $4.471. 

Days Activities:   We went into Montague and got groceries.  In the afternoon I went to the Murray Harbour North New Cemetery and took a few pictures of the gravestones but the sun was in the wrong position.  Need to do it in the morning time.  Findagrave.com only lists 3 graves for this Cemetery but I believe there are between 150 and 180 gravestone in the Cemetery.

07-31-2012     Tue      

Days Activities:   Went back to the Cemetery and took pictures of about two-thirds of the stones.  It was a beautiful day. 

In the evening we went to Vernon River and saw “Celtic Ladies”.  It was a band of 4 women and 1 man.  They were really good.  Sue tried to buy a CD but it appears several of them have put out singles but they have not made one as a band.  Cost was $15.00 each.

08-01-2012     Wed      

Days Activities:   Started a light rain last night and continued into today.

08-02-2012     Thur      

Days Activities:   Sprinkled last night but the sun came out for a little while this morning so I went to the Cemetery and completed the picture taking.  I believe I got every gravestone in the Cemetery. 

Drove pickup 287.0 miles.

08-03-2012      Fri      Trip Meter:   73.7      

Driving Directions:   From the campground took Hwy 17 a half mile then took Hwy 17A a mile. At jct of Hwy 324 took it west.  In about 5 miles it turned into Hwy 24.  Continued on 24 and at Hwy 210 took it one mile to TC-1.  Took TC-1 west, through Charlottetown, and continued towards the bridge.  We were following the GPS to the campground location.  At Hwy 19 took it west.  At one point it turned into 19A then turned back to 19.  The GPS location was incorrect.  Using the map we continued on Hwy 19 to TC-1 and took it west.  At Hwy 10 took it west to Cumberland Cove Road.  Took is south to the campground.

Days Activities:   Departed campground at 11:30 AM.   

The GPS was all screwed up on the campground location.  It was about 15 miles off and took us at least 5 miles out of the way on a very winding road when we should have been on a good straight road. 

Campsite:   Cumberland Cove Campground, Cumberland Cove, PEI - 6 nights - site 2 - grass pad - back-in - 15 amp, water, picnic table, fire ring, No WiFi, No cable - Commercial Campground - Cost $28.43 per night - Saved $24.37 - Rating 5/4 - Got setup at 2:50 PM - Have satellite.    

Additional info:   Normal cost is $25.00 per night plus tax.  Got the weekly rate of 7 nights with 1 free.  Cost was $150.00 plus $20.10 tax.  It was a long way to water and electricity.  However, we were allowed to dump grey water on the ground.

The entrance was very tight into the campground.  After I got parked I noticed a scratch about 8 feet long on the drivers side.  I was watching really close when I entered and didn’t thing I had hit the 4x4 post but I sure hit something.  I went out to the entrance and found a spike sticking out the side of the 4x4 so I must have hit it.  I could always see daylight between the 4x4 and the coach. 

Note - posted Aug 9th - The electricity here is really bad, going off at numerous times a night.  I hooked up the transformer and stopped it from going off so often but it still went off and on.  I check the voltage when it was going off and on and it was dipping to the low 90’s.  There seems to be a periodic draw, mainly in the evenings.  The normal output was 107 to 109 volts so it was never very good.  Also could not get most of the HD channels and had to reset to standard channels and reselect the shows to record.     

Because of the electricity problem we decided to leave a day early and forgo our free day.  That changed our nightly rate to $25.43 instead of $24.37. 

The grounds at Cumberland Cove Campground, Cumberland Cove, PEI.
Low tide at Cumberland Cove Campground.

08-04-2012     Sat      

Days Activities:   Went to Borden-Carlton and made reservations at Sun-N-Shade Campground for 10 nights beginning the 10th.  It is only about 7 miles from here.  We are staying here because the campground is setting on a bluff overlooking the ocean - is a great view.  At Sun-N-Shade I bought a CD by Harold Noye titled “Dusty Roads” for $15.00.  Stopped at the seafood market and got 2 lobsters for $8.00 per lb. 

Music as Sun-N-Shade is at 8 PM on Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun. 

We went to the Sun-N-Shade for the 8 PM show.  It was very good.  Admission is free but they take donations for a local hospital.  Donated $10.00.

08-05-2012     Sun   

Days Activities:   Stayed in, read and watched the water.

08-06-2012     Mon          

Days Activities:   Stayed in, read and watched the water.  For dinner I shucked the oysters we bought at the grocery story and we fried them.  Very good. 

We have been watching the Olympics on TV.

08-07-2012     Tue      

Days Activities:   Stayed in, read, watched the ocean, and watched the Olympics.

08-08-2012     Wed      

Days Activities:   We drove into Charlottetown so Sue could get her hair cut.  I looked for a strip of rubber seal for the inside of the front slide but the only RV store in town didn’t have any.  Get some as soon as possible - get 25 feet. 

Read and watched the Olympics.  Grilled some rib eye steaks we bought today - bone-in steaks. 

We didn’t have internet here but we both put in time working on genealogy.  I also took pictures of the ocean with the tide in and out.

Drove pickup 110.8 miles.

08-09-2012      Thur      Trip Meter:   6.7      

Driving Directions:   Went back out to Hwy 10 and took it west to TC 1.  Then took TC 1 west to the campground. 

Days Activities:   I drove over to Sun-n-Shade to be sure we could get in a day early - no problem.  Departed campground at 12:05 PM.   

Campsite:   Sun-n-Shade, Borden-Carlton, PEI - 11 nights - site 31 - grass pad - back-in - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, WiFi (FREE) - Commercial Campground - weekly rates - Cost $31.50 per night - Saved $31.50 - Rating 5/4 - Got setup at 12:30 PM - Have satellite.   

Additional info:   Get 1 night free for a 7 night stay. 

I went out and took some pictures along Hwy 10 - the road between Cumberland Cove Campground and Sun-n-Shade Campground.  Stopped and bought 2 lobsters on the way back. 

Very hot today.  We ran the air conditioner.  

We went to hear the music but it was just a jam session put on by a group of musicians that is staying in the park this weekend.  They didn’t use the stage sound system and were not very good.  We didn’t stay long.

Potato field.  Confederation Bridge in the background.
Sprinkle system in the potato field.


08-10-2012     Fri    

Days Activities:   Very hot today.  We ran the air conditioner again. 

The water pressure is very low here so we are running the water pump.   

Went to hear the music.  The same group as last night but it was more organized and they used the stage.  I stayed for the first set but Sue left early.  The instrumental parts were good but the vocals were lacking.

08-11-2012     Sat      

Days Activities:   There was a light rain all day.  I went to the office and bought 3 CD’s at $10.00 each - “Send The Light” by Jericho Road, “He Lifted Me Up” by Jericho Road, and “The Vision” by Jericho Road.  Jericho Road is Harold Noye’s band.  Harold Noye is owner of the campground. 

We went to hear the music and stayed for the first set.  It was very good. They have an “open mike” for the second set, which means people from the audience signs up to perform, and a bunch from last night had signed up.

08-12-2012     Sun   

Days Activities:   Went to the flea market in Cornwall - cost $2.00 each to get in.  It was in a large building and had a lot of vendors.  I purchased a new billfold for $20.00 and Sue got a highball glass for 25 cents.  Another vendor was giving away most of his items because he was closing up his booth - we took one book.  

I filled the water tank because we are running off it.   

I went to the first set of music and heard some real good gospel singing.  Sue stayed home.

08-13-2012     Mon     

Days Activities:   Light rain all day so we stayed in.  The Olympics ended last night but we still have about 30 hours recorded to watch.  We have been fast forwarding through them and just looking at the one we want to see and have gone through at least 80 hours. 

I went to the office this morning and bought 2 books for $2.00 each. 

The DSI light on the hot water came on and the water heater stopped working on gas.  When I reset the switch the fire will go on and off 3 times then stop again.  The humidity is very high here and with the rain I believe something in the 12 volt electrical system has stopped working.  The heater will work on 120 volt.

08-14-2012     Tue      

Fueled Pickup:   At a Newmar’s in Summerside, PEI.  $1.213 = $4.577. 

Days Activities:   We took a drive into the western part of the island.  Toured 165 miles today.  Stopped in Summerside and bought 12 packages of maple cookies, 10 bags of caramel popcorn, some candy, and 2 pair of sun shades. 

Got 2 lobsters for dinner tonight and a dozen oysters and 5 lbs of mussels for later. 

The weather was real nice today and the hot water heater is working on gas again.  I believe that my guess of humidity causing the problem may be right.

08-15-2012     Wed     

Days Activities:  We went to Charlottetown to “Old Home Week”.  It is a 10 day event that is the same as our county fairs.  We watched the “Pedal Tractor Pulls” for kids ages 4 to 12, viewed the livestock and exhibits, and watched some rabbit and sheep judging.  Then Sue watched 30 minutes of a basket weaving demonstration with me before going to a cooking show.  After her show she returned and watched the conclusion of the basket weaving.  There was a very large midway with lots of rides and plenty of places to take your money.  Entrance fee was $10.00 each. 

I filled the water tank and forgot to turn it off and it overflowed.  Water got on the water pump and now it will not run.  Hope there is a circuit breaker on it.  We went back on city water. 

The weather was really nice today.

Tractor pull at “Old Home Week” in Charlottetown.
Tractor pull at “Old Home Week” in Charlottetown.

08-16-2012     Thur      

Days Activities:   Light rain all day and all night. We stayed in and watched some of our recorded TV shows. 

A couple from Sault St Marie came knocking on our door and wanted to talk about the West Nile Virus that is killing people in Texas.  His name is Douglas Reid but I don’t remember her name.  They are going to Rockport, Texas this winter and are trying to decide if they want to take their fifth wheel and stay 4 months or just go for a month and rent a condo.  Their concern is the virus.  We couldn’t help them with their question but did suggest it would probably be too cold for mosquitoes in the winter.  We are going to be in Port Aransas during Christmas.  Got his email address and will check with them then to see if they made it - maybe we can get together for dinner.  

Water pump is working today.

08-17-2012     Fri      

Days Activities:   Light rain all morning with clearing in the afternoon.   

I worked on our route out of here.  We will be going to Richmond, VA and then to Raleigh, NC to do genealogy research. 

I went to hear the music but Sue stayed home.  Light sprinkle during the night.

08-18-2012     Sat      

Days Activities:   Overcast this morning.  DSI light is on again this morning.  Put the water heater back on 120 volt. 

We took a short tour today of about 100 miles.  Went and listened to the music.

Machine used to wrap plastic around round bales of hay.
Machine used to wrap plastic around round bales of hay.

08-19-2012     Sun  

Days Activities:
   Stayed in today.  

Observation about our stay on the Island.  We only toured about 400 miles this trip because we had done it in the past.  The rest of the mileage was to and from venues for entertainment and for shopping.  Several of those trips were over a 100 miles roundtrip.  We made 6 trips to Charlottetown.   

We saw thousands of acres of corn, potatoes, and barley.  Many of the fields of corn was over 7 feet tall.   

The weather, for the most part, was very pleasant but we did get several spells of rain.  When that happened the humidity got very high and everything in the coach got moist.  We only had a couple of days where it got into the upper 80s and that is very hot with the humidity on the Island. 

Drove pickup 370.5 miles.  Total miles driven on PEI in the pickup was 1,738.7.

08-20-2012     Mon      Trip Meter:   318.7     

Fueled Coach:   At an Irving’s in Calais, ME.  $3.999. 

Driving Directions:   Drove just little over a mile to Confederation Bridge and crossed over into New Brunswick.  After crossing into NB the road became TC 16.  Stayed on it about 17 miles to the jct of NB 15.  Took NB 15 north.  At exit 19B took TC 2 around Moncton.   At exit 423 took NB 1 west all the way to the border.  At the border NB 1 became US 1 and we continued on it.  At jct ME 9, where we got fuel in Calais, took ME 9 west.  It was about 68 miles to the campground. 

Days Activities:   It started raining about 10 PM and rained all night but had stopped by morning.  I went to the seafood store and bought 2 lobsters and 2 dozen oysters to take with us.  Departed campground at 9:15 AM.   

Stopped at the duty free store and bought a bottle of scotch and a bottle of rum. 

We were in line at customs about 10 minutes and it took about 5 minutes to get checked through at the booth.  The customs officer asked very few questions but did come on board and take 2 grapefruits, 1 tomato, and Sue’s hanging plant.  He did not even question us about meat products.

Campsite:   Parks Pond Campground, Clifton, ME - overnight - NO site # - gravel parking lot - pull in across the spaces - No services.  WiFi (For a fee) - Commercial Campground - no discounts - Cost $21.40 per night.  Got setup at 3:20 PM - Have satellite.  

Additional info:   This is a fair size campground, probably 70 or more sites, but is primarily seasonal sites - very few overnighters.  We got a dry parking spot in the visitors parking area.  It has a great view of the lake.  Paid the tent rate [very expensive tent rate].

That completed our 2012 Prince Edward Island summer visit.  It was everything we had expected.  We did very little sightseeing and picture taking because we had already done that (see the Trip Log for our prior trips to PEI in 2004 and 2007).  We got a lot of rest, did a lot of reading, heard a lot of good music, did a lot of nothing, looked at a lot of ocean, and ate a lot of lobster.  We consider our objective to have been met.

We worked our way back to Texas with several strops at libraries for genealogy research.  In addition to our one and two overnight stops inroute, we also stopped at the following locations for our research:

            Kosmo Village Campground & Mobile Home Park, Glen Allen, VA
- Richmond, VA for 4 days
            North Carolina State Fairground, Raleigh, NC
- Raleigh, NC for 12 days
            Volunteer RV Park, Heiskell, TN
- Knoxville, TN for 3 days
            Raccoon Mountain Caverns & campground, Chattanooga, TN
- Chattanooga, TN for 6 days
            Seven Points Campground, Hermitage, TN
- Nashville, TN for 4 days
            Natchez Trace RV Park, Shannon, MS
- Shannon, MS for 3 days
            Lefleur Bluff State Park, Jackson, MS
- Jackson, MS for 5 days
On 1 October we ended up at Mineola Civic Center, Mineola, TX
for the HRRVC Texas State Rally.

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