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2013 Alaska 1 - Chicken Stock Festival in Chicken, also to Eagle

 My campground rating system is on a scale of 5/5 with the first number being the levelness of the site and the second being the appearance.  A 3/3 would be an average site.

 I have left the prices in for comparison and to give a general idea of what to expect.  Depending on when you read this, factor in inflation.

 Travel Log - June 13 to June 16, 2013        [Tab 2013 Alaska 1]

06-13-2013     Thur      Trip Meter:   111.0      

Weather:   Sunny all day. 

I reset the motorhome trip meter so all mileages reported will be the actual reading from my trip meter, not the milepost. 

Ferry to mile 5.5 – good 2-lane pavement.
Mile 5.5 to 46.3 – gravel surface, poor to very good, lot of rough spots and several areas with pot holes.  Watch for red flags.  Was not a bad drive as long as you watch the road and
          drive the road conditions.  My speed was 15 to 40 mph.
Mile 46.3 to 47.7 – pavement.
Mile 47.7 to 49.6 – gravel.
Mile 49.6 to 51.2 – pavement.
Mile 51.2 to 51.8 – gravel.
Mile 51.8 to 58.9 – pavement.
Mile 58.9 to 60.0 – deteriorating pavement.
Mile 60.0 to 62.2 – deteriorating pavements has turned to gravel.
Mile 62.2 to 65.3 – pavement.  Border crossing.
Mile 65.3 to Chicken – gravel, poor to very good.  They are in the process of widening the road between the border and the turnoff to Eagle.  About 2.5 miles is under actual construction.  The construction area starts 13 miles from the border crossing.  There are a lot of really bad sections on the 40 miles to Chicken but also some that is very good.   

Driving Directions:   Took the ferry across the Yukon River, then YT 9 west.  At the border continued on Border Spur Road.  At the Eagle turnoff the road became AK 5 aka Taylor Hwy. At Chicken got off for the campground. 

Days Activities:   Departed campground at 10:50 AM.  Didn’t take any pictures of the campsite because it is just a parking lot.  Didn’t take any pictures of Dawson City because we have been here twice and took pictures then.  Photos can be found on the website in 2005 and 2009. 

Sue got on the ferry and crossed ahead of me.  I got on at 11:19 and off at 11:23.  We hooked up the pickup and on the road at 11:27. 

While I was waiting to load on the ferry I took a picture of a paddle wheeler that was loaded on a trailer next to the ferry landing, the “Klondike Spirit”.  There were several men working on it.  I talked to one of them.  They are getting the boat ready to launch on the 21st.  It is used for cruises on the Yukon.  It goes on 2 hour cruise, 5 miles upstream then 5 miles downstream, and also evening dinner cruises. 

Mile 12.0 took a picture of a valley.
Mile 17.8 took pictures of both sides of the road.
Mile 22.4 took a picture of a valley to the south.
Mile 24.5 took a scenic shot through the windshield.
Mile 27.5 took pictures, both sides, from the motorhome.
Mile 33.2 saw a bicycle.
Mile 33.5 pictures of mountains to the north. 

Arrived at the campground at 2:30, registered, got a site assigned, then we unhooked and went to another campground for diesel.   

I purchased tickets for Chicken Stock that starts at 3 PM tomorrow.  Cost $35.00 each and we got 2 night free dry camping.   

Fueled Coach:   At Chicken Creek RV Park, Chicken, AK.  $5.199.  Did not fill it up.

  • Campsite:   Chicken Gold Camp Campground, Chicken, AK - 4 nights - site 31 - gravel pad - pull thru – dry camping, no services - WiFi (FREE) - Passport America Park - Cost – see below - Saved $7.00 - Rating 2/2 - Got setup at 3:20 PM.  Had a lot of trouble getting leveled.  Had to raise the rear. 

Additional info:  Passport is only good for one night dry camping.  Regular price is $14.00.  So one night at $7.00, one night at $14.00, plus 2 free nights equal total cost of $21.00 for an average of $5.25 per night.  Free WiFi but it was really slow.

Our parking site at Chicken Gold Camp Campground, Chicken, AK.  Dry camp.
This is a gold dredge that was right behind our motorhome.

06-14-2013     Fri      

Days Activities:   We stayed in the motorhome until we heard the music start at 3:05 PM then took out chairs and went to the festival. 

There was a real stage this year.   It was built last year and is called the “Chicken House” and was built by the “Chicken Shit Construction Company”.  It is setting on the 2 old trucks that the stage in prior years was on.  In prior years the stage was covered by a large parachute.  

The first act was Dan Jacobson.  His singing was a little weak but he played a great guitar.  This was his only performance.  I found out later that he was a local boy and had been practicing really hard for this.  It is his first performance in a public venue.  Country.   

The second act was Hurricane Dave, from Anchorage.  He was pretty good; played the guitar and harmonica.  Country and songs of Alaska he had written.  I purchased his CD for $10.00.  

Third act was “Dry Cabin String Band” from Fairbanks.  It was a 4 piece band, 3 men one woman, with guitar, banjo, standup bass, and the woman on fiddle.  Bluegrass.  Best banjo player we have ever heard.  They do not have out any CD’s. 

Fourth act was Diana Z.  She is a Canadian and currently lives in Palmer.  She played guitar and had a male accomplish who also played guitar.  I would classify her music as pop.  We didn’t care for her music much.  She had a CD but we didn’t buy it.  I would point out though that she had a large following that really did appreciate her music.  It just wasn’t to our taste.  This act ended at 8 PM and Sue returned to the motorhome. 

Fifth act was Emily Anderson, from Fairbanks.  There were 5 in the band.  Emily played keyboard, a drummer, a standup bass, a trumpet, and a young female backup singer.  Emily sang all of her own compositions, mostly about Alaska.  The trumpet player also played the guitar and Emily played the ukulele.  She had a nice voice but I didn’t particularly care for the songs.  None of them really grabbed my attention. 

At 9:15 PM we has the “Chicken Dancers” for 15 minutes. 

Sixth act was “Hot Dish” from Anchorage.  It was a 4 piece band, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and standup electric bass.  They played country and bluegrass.  Really good.  I purchased a CD for $15.00.   

It was about 11:30 PM and I got really cold so went back to the motorhome, put on a sweat suit under my jumpsuit, some wool socks, and returned to the festival. 

Seventh act was “One Take Band” from St. Louis.  Four piece band, 3 male and one female.  Guitar, drum, standup bass, with the female on the fiddle.  They played all their own compositions and I didn’t care for them much. 

Last act was “Super Saturated Sugar Strings” from Anchorage.  There were 4 members, 3 female and 1 male.  Keyboard, fiddle, cello, with the male on guitar.  I only stayed for 3 songs.  Was some variety of rock and roll.  Very high energy music.  I purchased their CD for $15.00 but it’s not very good. 

Got back to the motorhome at 1:50 AM and it was 59 degrees.

The stage is set up in the lower campground.  The music is getting ready to start.
This is the bar area.  It is early and the music hasn't started yet.
Since this is the "Chicken Stock Festival" in Chicken AK, you must have chicken dancers.
There were four of these chickens dancing.

06-15-2013     Sat      

Days Activities:   The festival kicked off at noon.  

First act was Hurricane Dave.  We got there about 12:30 and saw the last part of it. 

Second act was “Dry Cabin String Band”.  It was as good as it was yesterday. 

Third act was Emily Anderson.  We listened to 3 songs then returned to the motorhome.  I believe she is a really good singer, we just didn’t care for her songs. 

Sue and I returned in 2 hours and listened to “Hot Dish”.  After they finished their set Sue returned to the motorhome. 

I stayed and listened to “Anna to Victor”.  It is a 4 piece band, 2 male and 2 female.  The 2 female members were the keyboard player and fiddler from the band “Super Saturated Sugar Strings”. 

I left about 9 PM and returned to the motorhome.  Had just plain got music'd out.

Sue keeping out of the sun.  We like our comfort.
The bar area is not so empty now.
Notice the sun.  It's 8 pm and starting to cool off.


This little girl went 40 minutes without stopping the hula hoop.


06-16-2013     Sun   

Days Activities:   Left to tour Eagle at 1 PM.   

Between Chicken and the Eagle cutoff, about 30 miles, we saw 18 RV’s – 1 class A, 1 class B, 1 fifth wheel, 1 travel trailer, and the other 14 about evenly split between class C’s and cab over campers. 

About 10 miles in stopped at a pullout for lunch. 

About 21 miles from Eagle we stopped at an overlook and took pictures.  Took pictures of American Summit, about 2 miles away.  There are some old buildings there, one called the Snack Shop.  They were all boarded up. 

Got to Eagle at 4:40 PM.  We drove around town and I took some pictures. 

We spent 30 minutes touring the town.  The road was in very good condition and well maintained.  It has everything – flat sections on the top ridge of the mountain where I could travel at 55 mph, narrow winding road down the sides of the mountains with switchbacks that slowed me down to 15 mph, 360 degree panoramic views, then tunnel vision views where you could only see straight down into valleys because of the closeness of the mountains.  The road had 3 elevation changes of over 2,000 feet each. 

Got home at 7:35 PM.  The tour today was 198.2 miles. 

Drove pickup 200.5 miles.

Sue at an overlook on the road to Eagle.

View from the overlook.
Building in Eagle, Alaska.  Don't know if it is in use or not.
A good looking dog in Eagle.

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