Lonnie and Sue - Traveling North America

2007 - April 6 to June 6 Travels to Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec

 My campground rating system is on a scale of 5/5 with the first number being the levelness of the site and the second being the appearance.  A 3/3 would be an average site.

 I have left the prices in for comparison and to give a general idea of what to expect.  Depending on when you read this, factor in inflation.

Travel this year was from Texas to Saskatchewan to visit the children, then through Manitoba to Minnesota, back up into Ontorio, over to Quebec, around the Gaspe Peninsula, through New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island, over to Nova Social, then the ferry to Newfoundland.  The log starts when we crossed into Canada .

You can read it through or select specific locations below.
Travel Log - April 6 to June 6, 2007     [Tab 2007 Canada 1]

04-06-2007     Fri     Day 5     Trip meter:  151.7

Fuel:   The coach at CENEX in Scobey, MT - $3.059

Driving Directions:   Got back on MT 13 north.  At the border the highway became SK 36 north.  At a “Y” intersection took SK 18 west.  At Rockglen took SK 2 north.  In Moose Jaw got off and went to the campground.

Days Activities:   At the Coronach Port of Entry, about 500 feet past the Scobey Port of Entry, we were stopped and the vehicles searched.  It took about 30 minutes and we were the only ones there.  The customs officer asked a lot of questions, inspected the liquor and wine, glanced in all of the coach compartments, and looked in the jeep.  He also did a computer search on our passports.  We had to pay $17.38 duty on the laptop we are taking to Patrick.  The customs officer was very polite.  Got back on the road at 9:55 AM.

Saskatchewan does not recognize DST

A few miles past the Port of Entry is the Popular Power Plant and Mine.  They give tours, not open today, so something to remember for future summer months.

All prices listed in Canada will be Canadian dollars and will be converted into US dollars in the expense sheet.

  • Campsite:   Prairie Oasis Motel & Campground Complex, Moose Jaw, SK - overnight - site # 8 - asphalt pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, WiFi ($4.95 per hr/ $9.95 per 24 hr).  Cost $19.08 per night.  Good Sam Park - saved $2.00.  Rating 5/4.  Got setup at 12:45 AM.

Additional info:  The water had not been turned on yet and the only outside faucet that was available to fill the fresh water tank was frozen, but we still have enough for tonight.  Each site has a table.  There are large trees at each site and the dome will not work.  The motel has a restaurant.  There is a miniature golf course (not open yet), gas, diesel, propane, and a playground.  Really a good looking park.

We went to Western Development Transportation Museum.  There were exhibits of old cars, classic cars, old airplanes, old wagons, and some trains.   It was a real nice museum.  Cost $6.25 each (we both got the senior discount).

Went to the Tunnels of Moose Jaw and did the “The Chicago Connection”.  It was a tour of the saloon, office, bedroom, and tunnel complex used by Al Capone when he was running bootleg liquor out of Canada.  It was shipped to Chicago by train.  Cost $13.78 each and took 50 minutes.

There is also another tunnel tour called “Chinese Seek a New Life”.  Same price and time but we did not take it.  Maybe next trip through.

Symbol of Moose Jaw, SK

One of the cars in the museum
Our campsite at Prairie Oasis Motel & Campground Complex, Moose Jaw, SK
One of the cars in the museum 

04-07-2007     Sat     Day 6     Trip meter:  168.9

Fuel:   The coach at the Flying J in Saskatoon - $0.906 = $2.980

Driving Directions:   Got back on SK 2 north.  At SK 11 took it west to Saskatoon. 

Days Activities:   Departed campground at 9:55 AM.  It was 22 degrees when we left the campground. 

When we got to Saskatoon the Saskatoon West 16 Campground was closed.  Call the office but was advised they would not be opening for some time because of the 3 foot snow drifts in the campground.  Called the Travel Inn Campground and was told they had not opened it yet so no spaces were available.

We drove over to the Flying J and made arrangements to park there for the night.  Got parked at 1 PM.  Trip meter was 155.8.

We decided to drive out to the Travel Inn and see if we couldn’t talk them into letting us in early.  We drove around the campground and found a drive thru that was dry and appeared very solid.  The lady at the desk has only been working there for a week and was not sure how the campground worked.  She asked me to return after 3:30 PM and talk to Jackie. 

At 4:30 PM I returned to the Travel Inn.  Talked to Jackie and there was no problem.  Got a site and paid for 5 nights.  I drove to the Flying J, fueled the coach with diesel, and tried to fill the fresh water tank but the water was not turned on.  Pulled out of Flying J parking lot at 5:15 PM and headed for the campground.

Arrived at the campground and filled the fresh water tank before parking.  Trip meter was 13.1.  Added it to the earlier reading for the day.

  • Campsite:   Travel-Inn Resort & Campground, Saskatoon, SK – 5 nights – No site # - gravel pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, WiFi (FREE).  Cost $25.53 per night.  Private.  Rating 4/4.  Got setup at 6:15 PM.

Additional info:  There are many large trees in the campground and each site has a table.  There are a few sites with sewer.  All sites have water but it is currently turned off.  Overall not a bad campground.  Would be much better in the summer months.  There is a swimming pool that is currently full of snow.

I ran over a picnic table when parking.  It did a little damage to the left side of the coach but not too bad.  I can buff out the scratches.  I informed the desk about it and offered to pay damages.  I advised them the table was already broken but that I had caused further damage.  I was told to forget about it. 

The reason I had hit it was because it was sticking out in my site.  I was busy watching the tree limbs in front and just failed to look in the mirror.  Poor driving on my part. 

04-08-2007     Sun     Day 7

Days Activities:  The only reason we are in Saskatoon is to visit our children and grandchildren.  Went to their house this afternoon and helped the grandchildren hunt Easter eggs in the snow. 

Our campsite at Travel-Inn Resort & Campground, Saskatoon, SK

04-09-2007     Mon     Day 8

Fuel:   The jeep at a Shell station on 8th Street - $1.039 = $3.418

Days Activities:   Spent the day with the children.

04-10-2007     Tue     Day 9

Fuel:   The jeep at the Race Trac about 20 miles south of Saskatoon, SK -             $1.019 = $3.353

Days Activities:   We took the grandchildren to Burger King for lunch then we all drove out to Gordon Howe Campground.  There was a bobcat being used to haul snow out of the campsites, then a loader was loading it onto a dump truck.  The dump truck was hauling it out to the parking lot and dumping it.  We talked to the campground supervisor.  He said the campground would not be open until Monday the 16TH.   We are taking the grandchildren camping for a long weekend and will be returning to Saskatoon on the 15th.  We explained our situation he said that if we arrived at the campground after 2 PM on the 15th he would get us a site.

We are having problems getting a campground to take the grandchildren to this weekend.  Our plan is to leave Thursday morning and return Sunday afternoon.  I called Buffalo Pound Provincial Park and Douglas Provincial Park.  They both have sites available but no services even thought they advertise electricity year around.  We drove out to Backstrap Provincial Park but it was closed even thought it is advertised as open year around with electricity.

We decided to go to Buffalo Pound and run the generator.  Will dump the black water and grey water tanks and fill the fresh water tank before leaving the current campground. 

04-11-2007     Wed     Day 10

Days Activities:   Spent the day with the children .

04-12-2007     Thur     Day 11     Trip meter:  157.0  

Driving Directions:   Took SK 11 south.  At the jct of SK 2 took it south.  About 15 miles north of Moose Jaw we took SK 202 east.   *** See note below ***  Went back to SK 2 south.  At Moose Jaw took SK 1 east.  About 5 miles east of Moose Jaw took SK 301 north to the campground. 

Note – I had turned onto SK 202 before Sue told me she has seen a sign with an 8-ton limit on the road.  I had missed the sign.  There was another 8-ton limit sign posted right after we turned onto 202.  In about a mile there was a turn back to 202 so I took it.  A few miles from the park entrance 301 joined 202 and there was another sign that indicated the 8-ton limit did not apply to recreational vehicles.  I probably missed a similar sign on the 2 south before making the turn onto the 202 east.  The oversight cost us an additional 28 miles.

Days Activities:   There was an inch of snow on the ground when we got up this morning.  Filled the freshwater tank and departed campground at 9:50 AM.   

  • Campsite:   Buffalo Pound Provincial Campground, Moose Jaw, SK – 3 nights - site # 1 - gravel pad - back in – no services.  Cost $10.00 per night.  Government.  Rating 2/5.  Got setup at 1:00 PM.  $7.00 for a 3 day fire permit with FREE firewood. 

Additional info:  This is a beautiful campground with 7 sites.   We took site #1 but parked in the asphalt parking lot – never put the jacks down.  The sites were all down hill and then slanted to the right so it would have been extremely difficult to level the coach.  The ground was still soft from the snow.  Each site has a grill with a container for a fire and a table.  All sites look out onto the lake – still frozen except close to the shore.  The park has a playground, swimming pool, miniature golf, boat ramp, and buffalo.

There is another campground in the park with about 25 sites for small RV’s and tents.  Also 2 group areas that look really nice – one right on the lake shore.  There is a ski area but looks like it has only been used for 4-wheeling in the summer.  All of the buildings are boarded up and the ski lift has been dismantled.

Built a fire and roasted marshmallows.  Sue prepared hamburger patties for me to grill but it started sleeting so we had to postpone the cookout – but did get the marshmallows in first.  Had chicken strips for dinner.

Our campsite at Buffalo Pound Provincial Campground, Moose Jaw, SK
Roasting marshmallows with the grandchildren.  See the ice on the lake.

04-13-2007     Fri     Day 12

Fuel:   The jeep at the Super Store, Moose Jaw, SK - $0.998 = $3.283

Days Activities:   The batteries got so low last night the inverter quite working but the furnace worked all night long.  The grandchildren turn on, and leave on, all the lights in the coach.  Turned the generator on at 6:30 AM and ran it for 3½ hours.  Prepared omelets for breakfast.  It looks like a beautiful day. 

Drove into Moose Jaw and purchased tickets for the tunnel tours.  Tickets for the Chinese tour for all of us and tickets for The Chicago Connection tour for the grandchildren.  Cost $48.76 ($13.00 each for Sue and I and $10.00 each for the 2 grandchildren, plus tax). 

We toured the town and looked at the murals.

Returned to the park and drove out to the buffalo viewing area but only saw one buffalo that was lying down, 8 mule deer, and one pheasant.  Also many Canada geese and what looks like sea gulls.  At 5 PM it was 60 degrees, the sun was out, and there was very little breeze.

Returned to camp, started a fire, and I took the granddaughter to the playground.  The grandson attended the fire and Sue set next to it with a book and glass of wine.  Cooked the hamburgers but it turned off cold so we eat them in the coach.

Ran the generator another 4 hours.

Sue on a nice sunny day.
Rolling hills in the park.  Wonderful views of the frozen lake.
That is our motorhome in the middle of the picture.  We were the only ones staying in the park this weekend.
Small herd of deer.
The only buffalo we saw in the park.
Buffalo Pound Lake.  Notice the reflection of the hill on the ice.

04-14-2007     Sat     Day 13

Days Activities:   Ran the generator 1 hour before departing for Regina.  The grandson is going to be in a fencing duel today – fencing tournament.

Met the grown children at the tournament site in Regina.  They were late so we registered the grandson.   He had 4 matches and lost all of them but he did really well.  All of his opponents were at least a foot taller than he was with longer reaches.  After the matches we all went out to lunch.  Had a real nice visit during lunch.

The children returned home to Saskatoon and we returned to the campground with the grandchildren.  

It was a really nice day.  Ran the generator 4 hours .

04-15-2007     Sun     Day 14     Trip meter:  148.4

Fuel:   The coach at Flying J in Saskatoon - $0.884 = $2.959.  Ran the generator 17 to 18 hours.  Used debit card – 2 separate charges.

Driving Directions:   Took SK 202 west to SK 2 north to SK 11 north to Saskatoon.

Days Activities:   Took an early drive back to the buffalo viewing area but only saw 3 mule deer and numerous fowl.  Did see several deer on the way out of the campground.  Ran the generator 3 hours.  Departed campground at 11:20 AM. 

  • Campsite:   Gordon Howe Campsite, Saskatoon, SK – 15 nights - site # 16 - gravel pad - back in - 30 amp, water, WiFi (FREE).  Cost $362.00 (2 weeks at weekly rate and 1 day at daily rate).  City park.  Rating 5/5.  Got setup at 3:10 PM. 

 Additional info:  Each site is isolated by shrubbery and the surface is pee gravel.  Our site is about 50’ by 50’ with a grill that we can build a fire in and a picnic table.  All sites appear to be similarly equipped.  There are 135 serviced sites plus tent sites.  Sites are limited to 1 RV and 1 tent.   We will not have water until tomorrow. 

Good campground for long term parking.  Has a great playground, laundry, washroom & showers, convenience store, 24 hour on site manager, and privacy sites.

Cost this year for 30 amp is $28.00 daily, $167.00 weekly, and $500.00 monthly.  FREE WiFi coming on the 19th.  Apparently the campground just fired up their system.  

We are surrounded by trees so unable to get the satellite. 

04-16-2007     Mon     Day 15

Days Activities:   Advised the water will be on around 11:30 AM.  We are completely out.  I bought a gallon of drinking water last night.

The remainder of our stay in Saskatoon is visiting with the family so will stop the log at this point and will pick it up again when we depart heading east .

Our campsite at Gordon Howe Campsite, Saskatoon, SK

04-30-2007     Mon     Day 29     Trip meter:  187.8

Driving Directions:   Took TC 16 east out of town.  At the jct of SK 397 took it south.  (397 shows to be paved but the last 14 miles was gravel – good gravel but still gravel and extremely dusty.  There were also 2 really bad places in the road caused by water).  At jct of SK 2 took it south.  At the jct of SK 11 took it east.  At Regina took Ring Road east.  At jct of TC 1 took it east and exited at the campground. 

Days Activities:   Departed campground at 7:20 AM.  Back on the road again.  Had a wonderful visit with the family but here is nothing like looking for that next great adventure.  

  • Campsite:   Kings Acres Campground, Regina, SK – 2 nights - site # F3 - gravel pad - back in - 30 amp, water, sewer, WiFi (FREE).  Cost $28.00 per night.  Commercial, no discounts.  Rating 3/4.  Got setup at 12:45 PM.

Additional info:  The water has not been turned on yet but we are OK.  I filled the tank in Saskatoon before leaving.  The ground is still soft so I had to put boards down for the rams.  Did not extend the front ram.  The only amenity is a picnic table.  I am giving the park a 4 for appearance.  It is not a 4 yet but will be when the trees are out.  Could not get satellite.  Don’t know if it is the trees or another problem.

 We went sightseeing.  

  • Regina Floral Conservatory – It’s not very large, just one small greenhouse, but appears to have some beautiful flowers.  I say appears because we didn’t get to see much of them.  There was a birthday party going on and the place was crowded with tables, chairs, and people.  Will go back tomorrow. 
  • Royal Saskatchewan Museum – First we saw the robotic dinosaur – Sue took pictures and a movie.  There are 2 galleries.  The Life Sciences Gallery is about Saskatchewan’s natural history and current environment.  It included wonderful exhibits of wildlife displayed in their natural environment.  The walls and ceilings of each exhibit were painted with a background and the exhibit blended in to give it a very natural look.  It is a great, great, great, gallery.  Sue took pictures until her camera went dead.

The other one was the Earth Sciences Gallery, The Paleo Pit, and First Nation Gallery.  The Paleo Pit was not open yet and I didn’t care much for the other exhibits in these exhibits.  However, Patrick would get a blast out of the Earth Sciences Gallery.  Made a $6.00 donation.  

  • Went to the Casino Regina.  It is located in the old railroad depot.  They started to charge us $2.40 for parking but waived the fee because we were from out of town – way out.

We had planned to go to the RCMP Museum but the new one doesn’t open until May 23rd and the old one is closed because they are moving the exhibits.

05-01-2007     Tue     Day 30

Fuel:   The jeep at a no name station - $1.039 = $3.524 – Gas prices went to $1.139 a litre all over town today.

Days Activities:     Did the following sightseeing activities: 

Provincial of Saskatchewan Legislative building -  Did a tour.  This is the largest provincial capital building in Canada.  Our tour guide was a very energetic young woman that knew a lot of facts about the building, the marble it was built with, and the paintings, but knew next to nothing about how the government worked.  The legislature sets from 1 PM to 5 PM today. 

Government House – Where the Lieutenant Governor lived from 1905 to 1945.  In 1945 the Lt. Governor was relocated, all of the furnishings in the house was auctioned off, and the building was converted to a convalescence home for war veterans.  In 1980 the government decided to reconstruct the house and turn it into a museum.  Using old photographs they returned the rooms to their original conditions.  Using old auction records they traced down many of the original of the furnishing.  Missing pieces have been substituted with period pieces.  The 30 minute tour lasted 1 hr 10 mins.  The tour guide was great to talk to.  Sue and I were the only ones on the tour. 

RCMP Academy - Went to the Sergeant Majors Parade.  It is held Mon-Fri at 12:45 PM.  It was great.  Sue took videos.

Regina Floral Conservatory – Went back to see the flowers.  The place was empty and Sue took lots of pictures.  Left a $2.00 donation. 

Provincial of Saskatchewan Legislative building – Watched the elected officials do the peoples work.  They took one hour to do less that 2 minutes work.

Provincial of Saskatchewan Legislative building in Regina, SK.
Lonnie in the Regina Floral Conservatory.
Sue in the Regina Floral Conservatory.
One of the many beautiful flowers in the Regina Floral Conservatory.  More flower pictures in the Photo section.
05-02-2007     Wed     Day 31     Trip meter:  225.3

Driving Directions:   Got back on TC 1 east - all day.

Days Activities:   Departed camp at 9:40 AM.  Lost one hour when we crossed into Manitoba because they are on DST. 

  • Campsite:   Meadowlark Campground, Brandon, MB - overnight - site # 262 - gravel pad - back in - 30 amp, water, WiFi (FREE).  Cost $22.90 per night.  Commercial – AAA discount.  Rating 3/3.  Got setup at 3:50 PM.  Have satellite.

        Additional info:  50 amp and sewer is available for additional charge.  Each site has a table – no fire ring or grill.  In the campground there is a camp store, laundry, limited playground, shower and dump station.  There are 75 campsites and approximately 50 mobile home sites.  Lots of trees in the campground.

05-03-2007     Thur     Day 32     Trip meter:  271.0

Note.  We are going to Ely, MN to the International Wolf Center, so this will be the last entry until we return to Canada.

   The coach at Flying J in Headingley, MB - $0.837 = $2.858

Driving Directions:   Got back on TC 1 east.  At Winnipeg took TC 100 east bypass around town.  At the jct of TC 1 took it east.  At the jct of MB 12 took it south.  At port of entry hwy became MN 313 south.  In Warroad went to the campground.

Days Activities:   Departed camp at 9 AM.  Got the coach washed in Headingley, MB.  Entered Minnesota at the Warroad customs port of entry.  Coach and jeep were inspected.  A package of cooked roast beef I purchased yesterday and 1½ cooked hamburger patties was confiscated.  Very few questions were asked. 

Note.  Returning to Canada so will continue the log .

05-09-2007     Wed     Day 38     Trip meter:  210.9 

Fuel:   Both at the Holiday in Ely, MN.  Coach - $2.899.  Jeep - $2.959

Driving Directions:   Took MN 1 east.  At jct MN 61 took it north.  At the border the hwy number continued to be 61 all the way to Thunder Bay, ON.

Days Activities:   Departed the campground at 9:05 AM.  Stopped in Ely and fueled both the coach and jeep.  Departed Ely at 9:50 AM.

The transmission is banging as it shifts when the exhausts brake is on and the accelerator is depressesChecked the transmission using the shifter indicator and it shows to be 2 quarts low.   Did not have anymore problems after we got out of the hilly terrain on MN 1. 

Crossed the border at Grand Portage, MN/Pigeon River, ON.  The coach was inspected and it took 2 officers 20 minutes to go through it.  Also had to pay $10.82 duty on wine Sue purchased yesterday.

Entered EST so we lost an hour.

  • Campsite:   Thunder Bay KOA Campground, Thunder Bay, ON – 3 nights - site # C28 - gravel pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, WiFi (FREE).  Cost $37.68 per night.  Commercial.  Rating 3/3.  Got setup at 4:55 PM.  We have satellite with a strong signal.

Additional info:  50 amp is available at additional charge.  Each site has a table.  There is a store, propane, playground, badminton court, fishing pond, and assorted other activities.  It is a great family campground but much more than we need.

05-10-2007     Thur     Day 39

Days Activities:   Went driving around and sightseeing: 

  • Centennial Botanical Conservatory – Two greenhouses have been joined with a nice pond in the entry.  It was not very large but the flowers and plants were beautifully displayed.  Sue took pictures.  Free. 
  • Paipoonge Museum – A huge building stuffed full of old household and farm items from mid 1800’s to mid 1900’s.  They had a number of really nice pieces.  There were 2 wood carved chains that were fantastic.  There was a garage sale table and we purchased 3 books for $1.00.  Admission was $2.00 each and we left an additional $3.00 donation.  The curator was a pleasure to talk to.
Our campsite at Thunder Bay KOA Campground, Thunder Bay, ON
  • Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park – The Park is about 20 miles west of town.  It has a wonderful falls that we could view from the parking lot.  The park was closed until May 15th.  Sue took pictures.  Cost to park was $1.00. 
  • Centennial Park – The Park sets up on a hill in town.  It is wooded with a river separating the parking lot from the grounds.  I set on the bridge and watched the river while Sue walked into the park.  Sue took pictures.  Free.
Centennial Botanical Conservatory in Thunder Bay, ON.
The falls at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, Thunder Bay, ON
05-11-2007     Fri     Day 40

Fuel:   The jeep at an Esso station in Thunder Bay, ON.  $1.184 = $4.043

Days Activities: Went driving around and sightseeing: 

  • Thunder Oaks Cheese Farm – We drove out to the farm, about 15 miles south of town, because they were suppose to be start making cheese at 10 AM.  We got there at 9:50 but no cheese making.  The pasteurizing machine had broken down last week and had not been repaired yet.  We tasted some cheese and bought $27.00 worth.  They are the only farm in Ontario that makes Gouda cheese.  
  • Sleeping Giant Provincial Park – The Park is located about 20 miles east and 20 miles south of town on a peninsula.  The campground was still closed for the season but it was a nice drive.  At the end of the peninsula is a small village, Silver Islet Landing, which grew up as a result of the Silver Islet Mine.  The mine was located on an island that was only 90 feet long but the shift went over 1,250 feet deep.  Rock that was excavated from the mine was dumped in the water and enlarged the island.   

The mine operated from 1871 to 1884.  During that period it was the richest silver mine in the world.  For the 13 years it operated 3 million dollars in silver was removed.  The mine was abandoned because a coal shipment failed to arrive and the mine flooded because they did not have fuel to run the pump to keep the water out.  Many of the houses that we saw on the side of a cliff were constructed by families of the miners and are still in use today.  

  • Thunder Bay Historical Museum – Depicts some of the early history of the area.  Very interesting.  Cost $3.00 each.

We saw between 15 and 20 deer on the drive out and back.  Many of them were just standing on the side of the road. 

Purchased one gallon of TranSynd transmission fluid, from the Allison dealer  - $62.24.

05-12-2007     Sat     Day 41     Trip meter:  166.9

Driving Directions:   Got back on TC 17 east.

Days Activities:   I put 2 quarts of transmission fluid in the motorhome this morning because that is what the display said it needed.  When I tried to do a cold check with the dipstick discovered there was no dipstick, only the electronic display on the shifting button.  Departed campground at 10:20 AM.  

  • Campsite:   Neys Lunch & Campground, Marathon, ON – 2 nights - site # 11 - grassy pad - pull thru - 15 amp, water, sewer.  Cost $12.50 per night.  Passport America Park - saved $25.00.  Rating 4/3.  Got setup at 2:30 PM.  Will be staying at this campground for 2 days because there will not be one open in Sault Ste. Marie until the 15th. 

    We have satellite with a very strong signal.

Additional info:  Campground is open year around and is located at the entrance of Neys Provincial Park about 15 miles west of Marathon.  We missed the turn because there is a very small sign.  Went 3 miles before we found a place to unhook the jeep and turn around.  This is a very small campground with 14 sites.  Each site has a table and fire ring.  However, there has been a fire ban since our 3rd night in Ely, MN - has been in effect everywhere we have been since.  There is a small playground.  The office is a convenience store with a café, gas, and diesel.  They sale firewood for $5.00 a bundle and WiFi is $5.00 per hour. 

We drove around Neys Provincial Park and toured the 4 campgrounds in the park.  At least half of them have electric and many are located within sight of the beach.  The campgrounds are still closed for the season.  There were construction workers building a new gate office when we drove in.  When we drove out at 4:30 PM the gate at the entrance was locked.  We left the jeep there and rode the bicycles back to camp, about half a mile.  I told the lady in the office what had happened and she said the workers would be back at 9 AM in the morning.  However, about 8 PM park security knocked on our door.  The guard took me to the jeep, opened the gate, and I retrieved our captured jeep.  Another adventure in the books.

05-13-2007     Sun     Day 42

Days Activities:   We drove out to Marathon, 15 miles east of the campground on TC 17 east.  It is a nice looking town of 4,300.  It appears the main industry is a large pulp mill.  There is a Lion’s Campground in town at Penn Lake.  There are 26 sites with 15 amp service @ $20.00 night.  There is potable water and a dump station at the entrance.  The coach would fit in 4 of the sites.

We drove out to Pukaskwa Provincial Park.  It was a nice drive but the campground was closed.  This was mostly a day of rest.

05-14-2007     Mon     Day 43     Trip meter:  199.8

Fuel:   The coach at the Gas Bar in Marathon.  $0.949 = $3.227

Driving Directions:   Back on TC 17 east.

Days Activities:   Departed camp at 9:55 AM.  Diesel at the campground was $1.309 per litre.  At the truck stop at the turnoff to Marathon it was $1.119 per litre.  It was only 5 miles round trip to Marathon and diesel was $0.949 per litre so we took a detour and fueled the coach 

  • Campsite:   Twilight Resort, Montreal River Harbour, ON - overnight – NO site # - gravel pad - back in - 15 amp, water, sewer.  Cost $24.00 per night.  Commercial.  Rating 3/5.  Got setup at 2:40 PM.

Additional info:  Have a table, fire ring, playground, store, and canoe rental.  It is a beautiful rustic park with 4 rental cabins.  We are on the upper level and backed in with the rear of the coach overlooking Lake Superior.  The lower lever has several pull-thrus with a wonderful side view of the lake – but too small for us.  They sell firewood.  Lot of nice trees in the campground.

There is a porch swing set up at the edge of the cliff overlooking the beach and lake.  We had intended to sit out and read this afternoon but it started raining and continued off and on most of the evening.  

We drove around the area.  Not much to see so didn’t take long.  The Montreal River feeds into the lake at the campground.  It has been damed up and there is a power plant about 400 yards away.  Sue took pictures of the gorge where the river used to run before it was diverted through tunnels to the power plant .

05-15-2007     Tue     Day 44     Trip meter:  74.3

Driving Directions:   Back on TC 17 east.

Days Activities:   We took a walk on the “beach” before leaving.  There is no sand, just very smooth river rock.  We took pictures of the lake view from the porch swing.  Heavy fog when we got up but most of it had burned off by the time we took our walk.  Departed camp at 11:05 A.M.

Light mist a few miles down the road and continued all the way to our next stop.

We are picking our mail up here.

  • Campsite:   Glenview Cottages & Campground, Sault Ste. Marie, ON – 8 nights (originally registered for 3 nights) - site # 38 - gravel pad - back in - 30 amp, water, WiFi (FREE).  Cost $28.62 per night.  Good Sam Park - saved $10.01.  Rating 4/4.  Got setup at 1.50 PM.  No satellite because of trees.

Additional info:  Sewer is available for additional charge but there is a dump station in the campground.  Each site has a table and fire ring – firewood is for sale.  Have a small playground.  Nice campground but not a place for long term.  Lot of trees.  There are 30 cottages at the entrance of the campground.

Could not get a WiFi connection so checked with the office.  Was told the lady that was suppose to hook it up had been ill and her son had just gotten married.  In any event it was not working but may be before we leave.  Connection is available in the lounge area.

It continued to mist and sprinkle.  This is the first day the park is open and we were the first ones in.  By the end of the day there were a total of 7 rigs.

We drove around town a bit and stopped at the Visitor’s Center.  Still overcast and sprinkling.

Our campsite at Twilight Resort, Montreal River Harbour, ON

Our campsite at Glenview Cottages & Campground, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

05-16-2007     Wed     Day 45

Days Activities:   It continued to sprinkle all night long and all day today.  We drove into town and checked our mail but it has not arrived yet.

05-17-2007     Thur     Day 46

Fuel:   The jeep at a Holiday in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.  $3.349

Comparable price on Canadian side was $3.753 per gallon.

Days Activities:   Checked for mail and it has not arrived.  Drove across the International Bridge to Sault Ste. Marie, MI and took the Soo Locks Boat Tour.  Cost $19.50 each.  The boat tour from the Canadian side does not start until the 20th.  No problem at the border – total waiting time was about 10 minutes but there was over 75 vehicles waiting to get in at the Canadian checkpoint.  Bridge toll was $2.00 each way.

There are 5 locks – 4 on the US side and 1 on the Canadian side.  All of the US locks are over 1,000 feet long.  Two of them are very active year around.  The third one is used as needed and the fourth is inactive.  There are plans to reconstruct the fourth one as a super lock.  The lock on the Canadian side is only 250 feet long and is only open from May to October. 

The tour took us through one of the US locks and returned through the Canadian lock.  It was our first boat ride of the year.

The tour operates out of 2 different docks – noted as Dock 1 and Dock 2.  Dock 1 is open from mid May to 20 June and operates 3 tours a days, provided there are at least 10 passengers per tour.  Dock 2 is much larger and operates from 21 June to end of season and runs 7 tours a day.  We had 10 passengers on our tour. 

There are 3 campgrounds within 6 blocks of Dock 1: 

  • Elk’s Campground, 4 sites, $20.00 per night, located on a peninsula out into the St. Mary River.  Electric, water, and cable TV.
  • Soo Locks Campground, 100 sites, water, electric, with a beautiful view of St. Mary River.
  • Aune-Osborn Campground, city owned, 100 sites.  Rates for 2007 are $29.00 on the water and $27.00 off the water with electric and water.  $23.00 for inside the park with electric only.

Back in Canada we stopped at the library to find the directions to the Lion’s Club Campground.  There was a used book cart in the lobby and I purchased one for $1.00.  They have a bookstore but it had already closed.  We will return tomorrow and see about buying books. 

We drove out to the Lion’s Club Campground in Ontario to see if it was a place we wanted to move to if we have to stay over to get our mail – next Monday is a holiday.  It is 14 miles out of town and more expensive than the place we are currently in.  If necessary to stay will try to move to a site where we can get satellite.

05-18-2007     Fri     Day 47

Days Activities:   The mail still has not arrived so we will have to stay over until Tuesday.  Registered for 4 more nights and moved to site #20.  This site gives us access to the satellite and also sewer.  Saved $14.84.

We went to the library and purchased books.  In hardbacks got 12 for $4.00, 7 for $7.00, 1 for $3.00.  Got 2 paperbacks for $1.00.  Got a huge dictionary for $2.00.  So got 20 hardbacks and 2 paperbacks for $15.00 plus the dictionary for a total expenditure of $17.00. 

05-19-2007     Sat     Day 48

Fuel:   The jeep at the Holiday as the foot of International Bridge, US side.  $3.479

Days Activities:   Went to the US side again.  Went to: 

  • Valley Camp Museum Ship – It is a Great Lakes freighter that has been converted to a museum.  We got to tour the entire length of the ship including the pilothouse, officers and crew quarters, galley, engine room, and the cargo hold.  A floor has been installed within the cargo hold for part of the museum displays.  The remainder of the displays are located on the floor of the cargo hold.  There are a lot of ship models.  Saw a 1-hour file on the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Cost was $10.00 each but we purchased a combination ticket for The Tower of History.  Combination cost $14.00 each.  Saved $2.00 each with the combo.   
  • The Tower of History – This is a 210 foot tower that was constructed as a monument to the early settlers of the Sault Ste. Marie area.  Saw a 15-minute film then went to the top of the tower to the observation deck.  Had an excellent 360-degree view of both cities.  This is not a museum – just the film and observation deck. 

Topped off the fuel tank in the jeep and added a bottle of injection cleaner.

05-20-2007     Sun     Day 49

Days Activities:   Stayed in all day.

05-21-2007     Mon     Day 50

Days Activities:   Today is Victoria Day.  As we drove around town noticed all of the stores were closed, including the grocery stores and Wal-Mart.  The only businesses open were some of the service stations, convenience stores, fast food places, and tourist attractions.

Went in to go to the Sault Ste. Marie Historical Museum but it is closed on Mondays.  Went to the Canadian Bushplane Museum.  It was an old hanger that had about 20 different planes on display.  We got to go in several of them.  Saw 2 films giving the history of the bushplane and its uses.  Saw 3 video’s that were taken from the cockpit on airplanes.  Gave the sensation of the iMax films.  Cost $9.30 each SR.

05-22-2007     Tue     Day 51

Days Activities:   Still no mail; paid for another day.  Saved $3.71. 

Went to the Sault Ste. Marie Historical Museum.  It has a lot of photos and writings about the establishment and development of the city.  Not very interesting to me but is a great small museum for city history buffs.  It is located in the old Post Office that was constructed in 1904.  Cost $3.00 each SR.

Gasoline went up 8 cents a litre today  to $1.179.

05-23-2007     Wed     Day 52     Trip meter:  198.8

Driving Directions:   Got back on TC 17 east.  At Sudbury took ON 69 south 2 miles to the campground.

Days Activities:   The mail came in today.  Departed camp at 11:10 AM.  Got propane at the Propane Depot in Sault Ste. Marie.  Hooked up the jeep and got back on the road at 11:40 AM.

  • Campsite:   Carol Campsite, Sudbury, ON – 5 nights - site # 82 - gravel pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, cable TV, WiFi (FREE).  Cost $25.00 per night.  Commercial.  Rating 4/3.  Got setup at 4:30 PM.

Additional info:  The campground is under new ownership so the water supply is in the process of being recertified.  They recommend the water be boiled before use.  We purchased bottled water.  Lots of Cottonwood trees in the campground.  Each site has a table.  The campground is located on a lake and has a beach with fishing and boat rental.  There are over 150 sites and it appears over half are occupied with full-time trailers.  This would be a pretty campground if the old small travel trailers did not make it look so trashy.

We went to Sudbury Downs/OLG Casino and watched the harness races.  No cost to get in but the programs cost $2.00 each.  We watched a few races from the grandstands then went to the dining room for dinner.  Could not see the track from our table but was still able to place our bets.  After dinner we returned to the grandstands.  We joined the “Winners Circle” at the casino and they gave us two T-Shirts and two $7.00 discount coupons for the dinner.  Sue lost a little money on the horses and I won a little money on the horses.  Our net betting was a loss of $1.00.  The weather was great and the races were very entertaining.

Our campsite at Carol Campsite, Sudbury, ON

05-24-2007     Thur     Day 53

Fuel:   At a Esso station on TC 17 west.  $1.119 = $3.908

Days Activities:   I went into town for bottled water this morning.  Went to 4 supermarkets and none of them open before 8 AM. 

We drove out to Manitoulin Island, southwest of Sudbury.  Took TC 17 back west about 40 miles then ON 6 to the Island.  Total of 78 miles from the campground to the Island.  Entrance to the Island was via a one-lane swing bridge.  The bridge swings on the hour to let boats through. 

Off to the left is Strawberry Island.  There is a lighthouse on the tip of the Island but it was too far away to get a picture.

The first town is Little Current.  We stopped at the Visitor’s Center but they did not have anything we didn’t already have.  Little Current has a population of 1,500.  We drove through town and looked at the 2 marinas.  Most of the sailboats were still in dry dock.  Stopped and walked along the boardwalk.  The boardwalk is new and it appears they are in the process of attaching more boat slips to it.  That will greatly increase the number of boats that can dock.  The water was so clear you could bee the bottom of the lake around the dock. 

Stayed on ON 6 and drove to Manitowaning.  Saw a lot of split rail fences, miles and miles of it.  It appears the ground is so rocky they can’t dig very deep postholes.  They use two ways to hold up the post – by making log boxes and loading them with rocks, and by securing braces to the posts.  I took pictures of both kinds. 

At Manitowaning there is a museum, old flour mill, and a ship, but they were all closed for the season.  Sue took pictures of the lighthouse.

South Baymouth is a very small community with a ferry and a few businesses.  I doubt there are 200 people living here.  We stopped for fish and chips.  There is a lighthouse here but we did not see it.

We worked our way back north, taking side roads that went around various lakes, to Kagawong.  We stopped there and walked down to Bridal Veils Falls.  Sue took pictures.  There is a lighthouse in town and Sue took pictures.  We drove out to Maple Point.  It was all gravel and we toured several housing developments along the way. 

Worked our way back to Little Current using side roads when available.  Had an ice cream cone at Little Current then headed home.  Today’s trip was 304 miles.  That made the Island tour 148 miles with at least 40 miles being on gravel roads.  We were out 9 hours.  It was a very enjoyable ride.

Marina at Little Current, ON.
Bridal Veil Falls at Kagawong, ON.
We saw a lot of these split rail fences on our drive to Manitowaning.

Lighthouse at Kagawong, ON.


05-25-2007     Fri     Day 54

Days Activities:   Went to Dynamic Earth and purchased consolidated tickets for the mine tour and two attractions at the Science North Center – Mars and Great North.  We got the SR so tickets cost $33.39 each.  Did Dynamic Earth today and will do the other two tomorrow.

Dynamic Earth – We saw a presentation called “object theatre”.  It highlighted objects on the stage during the video presentation.  The presentation was called “Nickel Story”.  It was 25 minutes long.

Then we saw a film called “Gold Fever” about prospecting for gold.  It was 40 minutes long.

Then we toured a mine that had been constructed especially as an attraction to illustrate nickel mining in the Sudbury’s area.  The mine is located 70 feet underground and is accessed by a glass elevator.  On the entry down a short movie is shown on the wall of the shaft.  The mine is divided into 3 different eras – early 1900, around 1950, and current.  I estimate there were at least 200 feet of tunnels.  The tour lasted one hour and was very informative.  It was very cold in the mine – we should have taken our jackets. 

Outside the building is the “Big Nickel”, a huge nickel that was built in 1964 to illustrate the importance of nickel to the town of Sudbury.  Until the 1970’s Sudbury produced over 90% of all nickel ore mined in the world.  Now there are numerous nickel mines scattered throughout the world.  There are 2 major mines that are visible from the Big Nickel platform.  Sue took a picture of the super stack at one of them that is 381 feet tall.  It was the tallest super stack in the world when it was build, but not now.

Tour of a nickel mine at Dynamic Earth in Sudbury, ON.
The "Big Nickel" sign at Dynamic Earth in Sudbury, ON.

05-26-2007     Sat     Day 55

Fuel:   The jeep at Canadian Tire in Sudbury, ON.  $1.099 = $3.838

Days Activities:   Paid for another day at the campground.  Had planned on leaving tomorrow but tomorrow the Indy 500 starts at 1:00 PM so decided to stay over and watch it.

Went to Science North for our other 2 attractions.  Parking was $4.00.  It is a huge science center with 4 floors of exhibits.  We went through the Polar Bear exhibit, the Butterfly Gallery, the Nature Exchange, and the floor with numerous electronic gadgets.

Mars – This attraction consisted of a short film setting up a ride to Mars on a spaceship.  Then we got in a compartment that was attached to hydraulic rams, and took a simulated ride to and from Mars.  The entire attraction only took 10 minutes. 

Great North – This was an iMax film about Caribou migration in northern Canada and the harvesting of Caribou in Sweden.

We ran out of time for all of the exhibits. 

05-27-2007     Sun     Day 56

Days Activities:   It rained last night and this morning.  We stayed in all day and watched the Indy 500.  It was rain delayed between lap 113 and 114 for over 2 hours and called for rain around lap 165 .

05-28-2007     Mon     Day 57     Trip meter:  303.2

Fuel:   The coach at Mr. Gas in Back Bay, ON.  $0.965 = $3.37

Driving Directions:   Got back on TC 17 east.  At Arnprior TC 17 became TC 417.  Got off at exit 138 and went to the campground.

Days Activities:   Departed campground at 9:00 AM. 

  • Campsite:   Ottawa Municipal Campsite, Ottawa, ON - overnight - site # 3E1 - gravel pad - back in - 30 amp, water.  Cost $28.90 per night.  City.  Rating 3/5.  Got setup at 4:55 PM PM.

Additional info:  Lots of trees so could not get satellite.  Picnic table, fire ring, showers, and a nice playground.  The campground is about 12 to 15 miles from the parliament building 

05-29-2007     Tue     Day 58     Trip meter:  144.6

Fuel:   The coach at the Flying J on A540 in Quebec.  $090.8 = $3.170

Driving Directions:   Got back on TC 417 east.  At exit 113 TC 417 split and we took ON 174 east.  After about 8 miles ON 174 became ON 17.  At jct of TC 417 continued on it east to Quebec line.  At the line the highway became TC 40.  The major highways in Quebec are called Autoroutes, hereafter designated as “A”.  At jct of A540 took it to A20 and took it east.  At exit 63 took it across the St. Lawrence River.  At QC 132 took it east to A15 and took it south.  At exit 38 got off and went to the campground.

Days Activities:   Departed campground at 9:45 AM.  ON 17 was a nice ride.  Nothing spectacular but we got several views of the Ottawa River, the scenery was pleasant, and the road was good. 

  • Campsite:   Camping Amerique, St. Philippe, QC– 2 nights - site # 710 - gravel pad - back in - 30 amp, water, sewer.  Cost $15.39 per night.  Passport America Park - saved $30.78.  Rating 3/4.  Got setup at 1:50 PM.

Additional info:  Table, fire ring, playground, swimming pool, recreation hall, laundry, small C-store, and lots of seasonal units.  It is located about 20 minutes south of Montreal. 

We had planned to go on toward Quebec City today but when we stopped at the visitor’s center we picked up a winery tour map.  It is about 50 miles long and starts somewhere around here.  Can’t pass up a winery tour.

05-30-2007     Wed     Day 59

Days Activities:   It started raining last night and still at it this morning.  Departed on the wine tour.  Had to drive about 40 miles to the start of it.  Following wineries are listed in the order we stopped at them.

  • Vignoble les Tervenches – It was closed.  Sign indicated it was suppose to be open but it was not.
  • Domiaine du Ridge – It was closed and does not open until June 15th.
Our campsite at Camping Amerique, St. Philippe, QC
  • Vignoble Domaine De L’Ardennais – Bought one bottle of really dry red for $15.00.  The lady said they had to cover they vines each winter to keep them from freezing.  They are covered with 3 feet of dirt.
  • Vignoble de L’Orpailleur – Bought 2 bottles of wine.  One of them was a 500 ml bottle for $15.00 which makes it the most expensive wine we have ever purchased.  The other was a dry for $13.00.  They also bottle a wine that is aged in 10 gallon glass bottles that are stored on the end of the barn for over 6 years and exposed to the elements.  This is the first time we have heard of wine aged in glass bottles.
  • Vignoble Verger – Wine was all real dry so we didn’t buy any, but they had a red that smelt really good.
  • Cidrerie – Didn’t buy any here.  They do not use any grapes - the wine is all fruit based and blended with apple cider.  Saw a lot of apple trees at this place and for the next 5 miles.
  • Vignoble des Copes D’Ardoise – Bought one bottle for $11.95.
  • Vignoble de La Vauge – Had a sign for open but no one answered the doorbell.
  • Vignoble la Mission – Had out an open sign but it was closed.

Stopped at the Chocolate Museum in Bromont.  It was not much and nearly all the writing for the exhibits were in French with no translations.  It was just a come-on for the restaurant, ice cream parlor, and chocolate counter where it was located.

It sprinkled and rained all during the drive today, however, the countryside was spectacular.  We drove through numerous small villages, some which were probably at least 200 years old.  The roads were narrow and many miles were tree lined with huge trees next to it that created a canopy effect.  I would estimate that thousands of the trees were over 2 feet in diameter with hundreds of them being over 3 feet.  The trees and grass were vivid green and the flowers were out.  It was truly a very relaxing drive.  We ended up a long way from the campground and the entire tour was 179 miles. 

Had to hook up the transformer because the voltage dropped .

05-31-2007     Thur     Day 60     Trip meter:  180.8

Driving Directions:   Got back on A15 north.  At the Champlain Port Bridge A15 became A20.  Continued on it.  The A20 became QB 132.  Will take QC 132 all the way around Gaspe Peninsula.  At St. Nicolas took QB 171 to the campground. 

Days Activities:   It rained all night long and we broke camp in the rain.  Departed campground at 11:05 AM.  The rain stopped about 20 miles west of St. Nicolas.

The drive today was through villages with narrow streets.  In some of them the houses were just the width of a narrow sidewalk from the street.  In one of them some of the electric poles were actually in the street right next to the sidewalk.  It was a very picturesque drive.

  • Campsite:   Camping Bernieres, St. Nicolas, QC– 3 nights - site # S-7 - gravel pad - back in - 30 amp, water, sewer.  Cost $17.10 for 1 night and $27.36 for the other 2 nights.  Passport America Park - saved $17.10.   Rating 4/4.  Got setup at 4:40 PM.  Narrow roads and small sites for a 40' motorhome.

Additional info:  Passport America Park but discount not available for weekend.  This is off-season so 20% off posted rates for weekend.  Also a Good Sam Park but they only give a 10% discount off posted rates.  Regular price is $30.00 plus 14% tax. 

Each site has a table and fire tub.  The campground has about 234 sites of which 107 are seasonal sites.  The campground is set up like a resort with a recreation center and planned activities.  There is also a store, snack bar, very large swimming pool, horseshoes, volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard, laundry, and a playground.

 We are in one of 5 sites that back up to a small creek.  We paid for sewer but do not have a connection.  I checked with the office and found it has been damaged.  I ran the sewer to the next site.

06-01-2007     Fri     Day 61

Days Activities:   It rained off and on all night.  The sun peeked out around 10:30 AM as we departed for our days activities.

Our campsite at Camping Bernieres, St. Nicolas, QC

Drove into Quebec City.  Got to the parliament building about 11:45 AM but there is not a tour in English until 4 PM so we walked through the old Quebec section and had lunch at Le Cavour.  So happens this was the same place we had lunch in 2004 but didn’t recognize it until we were inside. 

Walked over to La Citadelle (The Citadel).  It is home to the Royal 22nd Regiment, the only French speaking Regiment in the Canadian Army.  The Citadel is built behind the Quebec City wall that was constructed in 1745.  Construction on The Citadel was started in 1779 and went to 1783.  It was not completed then but work was stopped.  Work was done on it again from 1806 to 1808.  Then they worked on it again from 1820 to 1839 and was completed in its present configuration in 1850.  The Citadel is completed walled in and as mentioned sets behind the Quebec wall – the set back is about 30 to 40 feet. 

Only one of the original powder magazines is left – it was built in 1750 before work on The Citadel was started.  The walls are reinforced with structures that look like closets extending out and the ceiling is in a round arch.  It is constructed in this manner to force the blast upward in case the magazine exploded.  It is currently being used as a museum.  It was a great tour and cost $10.00 each.  We didn’t tour it in 2004 because the pedestrian walkway to enter it was not constructed until 2005.  I suppose we could have gotten in back then, but we didn’t know how.

Went on the parliament tour.  The building was constructed from 1877 to 1886.  There were 39 people on the tour, by far the largest we have been on in any government building tour, US or Canadian.  I believe the White House tour we took was limited to 30 people.  It was a good tour and was free. 

06-02-2007     Sat     Day 62

Fuel:   The jeep at an Eko gas station.  $1.164 = $4.110

Days Activities:   Drove out to the Ile d’Orleans and toured the island again.  Did not do the side roads we did in 2004, just the main road around the island.  Rented the audio tour CD’s.  They were the same ones we rented in 2004 except the tapes have been put on CD’s - the price was still $11.50.  A pleasant drive and allowed us to reminisce.

06-03-2007     Sun     Day 63     Trip Meter:  138.5 

Driving Directions:   Took the service road east and entered TC 20 at exit 311.  At exit 318 took QC 275 north to QC 132 east.  At Village des Aulnaies got back on TC 20 east at exit 430.  At exit 444 got off and back on QC 132 east.  Reason was because 132 left the river and TC 20 ran right next to the river for this section of road.  At exit 488 had to get back on TC 20 because of a detour so stayed on it all the way to Riviere du Loup.  Exited onto QC 132 east to the campground.

Days Activities:   It had been tight getting into our last campsite because of narrow roads in the campground and trees around the site.  It was even worse leaving this morning because there were cars parked in the roads all over the campground.  Had help from campers getting out.  Departed campground at 10:20 AM .

  • Campsite:   Camping du Quai, Riviere de Loup, QC- overnight - site # 35 - gravel pad - pull thru  - 30 amp, water, sewer.  Cost $26.55 per night.  Commercial.  Rating 5/4.  Got setup at 2:00 PM.

Additional info:  Have a table and washing machine tub for fire.  Overlooks the river.  Sites are located on several different levels.  There is a playground and firewood for sell.  50 amp service is available for a fee.

Purchased firewood and prepared the tub for a for a fire but had to cancel it because we were going to grill streaks and the grill would not fit in the tub.  Will try again at our next stop .

06-04-2007     Mon     Day 64     Trip meter:  178.4

Fuel:   The coach at a Shell in le Bic, QC.   $1.029 = $3.633

Driving Directions:   Got back on QC 132 east.

Our campsite at Camping du Quai, Riviere de Loup, QC

Days Activities:   Had to break camp in a light rain.  Looks like it will be like this all day.  Departed campground at 10:05 AM.  It is our intention to just cruise around the peninsula and look at the scenery since we did the tourist attractions in 2004. 

The rain stopped about 30 minutes out of camp but at 12:15 PM it started again and rained until about 5 miles from where we camped for the night.

There is a lighthouse at Matane – it is has been converted to a visitors center.  However, the parking lot was too small for the coach.  Apparently that is why we didn’t stop in 2004.

We were going to stop at Camping Au Bord de la Mer in Cap-Chat but it was closed.  Looks like it has been abandoned.

  • Campsite:   Camping du Rivage, Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, QC – 3 nights (originally registered for 1 night) - site # 18 - gravel pad – pull in facing the river - 30 amp, water, WiFi (FREE).  Cost $25.00 per night.  Commercial.  Rating 4/5.  Got setup at 3:30 PM.  The front of the coach is parked right over the edge of the beach.

Additional info:  Each site has a table.  There are 24 sites and all of them pull in and face the river.  When a trailer backs in they have to run the connections underneath.  We are in the longest site.  Fires are allowed on the beach but not the campsite.  There is a dump station. 

For view this one meets or exceeds the site we had on a lake in the Yukon.  The river is so wide here you can’t see the opposite shore so it looks more like the ocean.

We had only planned to stay overnight but have decided to stay at least one more night and maybe two more.  Will decide tomorrow.

The owners speak very little English.  Did determine the man’s name is Norman.  After Norman got us parked he recommended a seafood restaurant “du Quai”.  When we got there found out Norman had called and advised them to expect us.  The food was really good.

Had satellite when we setup but the signal was weak because of the overcast.  It started raining again and we lost it.

Pointe au Pere Lighthouse at Rimouski on Gaspe Peninsula.

View of beach and Sainte-Anne-des-Monts from our campsite.
Our campsite at Camping du Rivage, Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, QC.
Beautiful sunset from in front of the motorhome.

06-05-2007     Tue     Day 65

Days Activities:   Decided to stay 2 more nights.  It is still raining and rain predicted for tomorrow.  This is a real nice place to be parked.

Drove east to La Marte.  We will be going that way in the coach but wanted to see the lighthouse and tour the village.  The lighthouse and museum were closed.  The village sets in a valley between 2 hills.  We drove up both hills and Sue took pictures of the village on the way down – from both directions.

Then we drove back west to Cap Chat to go to the lighthouse but we were never able to find it.

Built a campfire on the beach and cooked steaks. 

Approach to La Marte going east.
Approach to La Marte from the west.  Taken from the hillside.

06-06-2007     Wed     Day 66

Days Activities:   It rained all night again.  Stayed in all day.  It was great.

According to the weather report the rain has moved east and should be clear for the next 5 days.  We will see.

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