Lonnie and Sue - Traveling North America

2009 Through Western Canada to Alaska

My campground rating system is on a scale of 5/5 with the first number being the levelness of the site and the second being the appearance.  A 3/3 would be an average site.

I have left the prices in for comparison and to give a general idea of what to expect.  Depending on when you read this, factor in inflation.

You can read it through or select specific locations below.

 Travel Log - May 3 to June 6, 2009        [Tab 2009 Canada to Alaska]

05-03-2009     Sun     Day 19        Trip Meter:   204.6 

Driving Directions:   At the Canadian border the hwy number changed to SK 36.  Continued on SK 36 to SK 13 and took it west.  At Assiniboia SK 13 merges into SK 2 and goes north to Moose Jaw. 

Days Activities:  At the Port of Scobey the customs officer inspected the coach and pickup.  He opened every basement door plus the front generator door and the 2 rear service doors.  He asked about guns and wanted to know if I had guns at home.  I said yes.  He asked if I had a hand gun at home and I said yes but that I had left it home.  He asked what we had brought to protect ourselves from bears and we said it was our intention to stay away from them.  We had excess booze but he did not charge duty for it.  The total time spent there was about 30 minutes. 

All prices listed in Canada will be Canadian dollars and will be converted into US dollars in the expense sheet. 

  • CampsitePrairie Oasis Motel and Trailer Park, Moose Jaw, SK - overnight - site 13 asphalt pad – long pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, WiFi (FREE) - Cost $25.52 per night.  Rating 5/4.  AAA Park - Saved $2.83.  Got setup at 1:45 PM.  Have satellite.

Additional info:  Water is not on yet because of weather.  When it is on water is $2.00 and sewer is $2.00 additional charge.  We did not pay for sewer. 

We do not use a credit card in Canada because of the 3% international fee.  Our bank, "Bank of America", has a reciprocal agreement with "Scotia Bank" in Canada and we can secure cash from a Scotia Bank ATM for no fee and also get the current exchange rate. 

    Our campsite at Prairie Oasis Motel and Trailer Park, Moose Jaw, SK
    We went into town and drew money from the ATM.  The currency rate has started going up.  Canadian currency is predicted to be on parity with US dollars by mid summer so within the next few days we will also be getting enough for the return trip.  Drove pickup 10 miles. 

    05-04-2009     Mon     Day 20        Trip Meter:   148.8

    Fuel Coach:   At Flying J in Saskatoon, SK.  $0.710 = $2.266.

    Driving Directions:   Took SK 2 north.  At Chamberlain took SK 11 north.  At Saskatoon took continued on SK 11 (aka West Circle Drive) to TC 16 west.  The jct of SK 11 and TC 11 is on the north side of town.  Took TC 16 west to the campground.  

    Days Activities:   Departed campground at 10:30 AM.   

    • CampsiteSaskatoon 16 West RV Park, Saskatoon, SK - 16 nights - site 44 - gravel pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, WiFi (FREE) - Cost $422.62 for 2 weeks.  Rating 5/3.  Good Sam Park.  Got setup at 2:10 PM.  NO satellite – we are out of range until we return to Moose Jaw. 

    NOTE - There will not be anymore entries until we depart Saskatoon.  We are just here visiting the children.

    Drove the pickup 381 miles while in Saskatoon.

    05-20-2009     Wed     Day 36      Trip Meter:   261.7

    Fueled Coach:   Topped off the tank at Husky’s in Lloydminister, AB but the employee did not fill it up.  Main reason for the stop was to get propane.  $0.799 = $2.571.

    Fueled Pickup:   At Shell in Saskatoon, SK.  $0.959 = $3.085.

    Driving Directions:   Got on TC 16 and took it west.  At exit 492 in Vegreville, Alberta, got off and went to the campground.  It is the first street at the edge of town – 43rd street.  TC 16 was a good 4-lane divided highway all the way today.  Had to slow down for a couple of rough railroad crossings though.

    Days Activities:   Departed campground at 9:55 AM.  I forget to unhook the utilities. Only damage was a broken male insert for the quick coupler on the water hose.

    • Campsite:   Vegreville Municipal Campground, Vegreville, AB - overnight - site 5 - grass pad - back-in - 30 amp, picnic table, WiFi (FREE), - Municipal Campground - Cost $19.00 per night - Saved $2.00 on Senior rate - Rating 5/4 - Got setup at 4:10 PM.

    Additional info:   Really nice park.  We are backed up to a fast running creek.  There is a railroad track in front of us that separates us from the visitor’s center and a second part of the campground.  On our side of the track there are sites for RV’s and tents – across the tracks tent sites only.  Looks like about 15 RV sites and around 80 tent sites.  Water is available in several parts of the campground – no sewer dump.  Drove pickup 4.7 miles.

    05-21-2009     Thur     Day 37      Trip Meter:   289.0

    Fueled Coach:   At a Husky’s at Eagle River, AB - jct of AB 43 & AB 32.  $0.779 = $2.506.  The gas was all 90-92-94 octane and was 10% ethanol – regular cost 89.9.

    Driving Directions:   Got back on TRC 16 and continued west.  At exit took AB 43 north.  In Valleyview, AB got off for the campground.  TC 16 continued to be good 4-lane divided highway.  AB 43 was a good 4-lane divided highway.  The first 10 miles only had 3’ shoulders but then they widened out to normal width.  There were at least 6 roadside parks on this section of AB 43 today.

    Days Activities:   Departed campground at 9:30 AM.  A heavy icy rain started just west of Edmonton but only lasted about a minute.  Then there was a scattering of light rain for the next 20 miles.

    Stopped at Fox Creek and went to the campground but all of the serviced sites and the overflow sites were full.  There were 3 un-serviced sites available but they were muddy and if it rained tonight or in the morning then there would be a problem getting out so we continued on north.  

    The terrain the past 2 days has looked a lot like west Texas with about a third of it having rolling hills like portions of Montana.

    • Campsite:   Sherk’s RV Park, Valleyview, AB - overnight - site 12 - gravel pad – long pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table - Good Sam Park - Cost $26.25 per night - Saved $3.10 - Rating 4/5 - Got setup at 4:35 PM.

    Additional info:   Really nice looking park surrounded by trees.  Has a playground and a small store.  Did not unhook .

    05-22-2009     Fri     Day 38      Trip Meter:   156.7

    Driving Directions:   Continued on AB 43 west.  At the BC border the highway number changed to BC 2.

    Four miles west of Valleyview AB 43 went to 2-lane.  It lasted for 23 miles – had periodic passing lanes – had 1 turnout – then went back to good 4-lane divided highway for a distance.  Fifteen miles east of Grande Prairie AB 43 got really bad.  It was extremely rough.  I finally had to reduce speed to between 40 and 45 mph.  After Grande Prairie the road was good again but 12 miles west it went to 2 lane and remained that way to the BC border.

    BC 2 was a good 2-lane road with narrow shoulders.  Two miles into BC they are rebuilding the Tupper Creek Bridge – one lane traffic around the work area.  Looks like the work should be completed this year.

    Days Activities:   Departed campground at 10:45 AM.  Saw our first wildlife this trip about 14 miles west of Valleyview – 2 deer, very fat.  We have seen a few dead deer on the side but these are the first live ones in Canada.

    We saw a herd of about 40 to 50 reindeer eating at a feed trough in a pasture about one mile west of Beaverlodge.  

    • Campsite:   Northern Lights RV Park, Dawson Creek, BC - overnight - site 27 - gravel pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, WiFi (FREE), cable (FREE) - Good Sam Park - Cost $28.50 per night - Saved $3.00 - Rating 4/3 - Got setup at 3.00 PM.  Actually got parked at 2:15 but had to repair the damage to the water hose as a result of my stupid stunt in Saskatoon.  Additional info:   50 amp is available for additional charge.

    Went into Dawson Creek and took some pictures, went to the visitor’s center, bought groceries, bought some wine and Screech Rum, and located a place to purchase diesel in the morning.  Drove pickup 22.1 miles . 

    05-23-2009     Sat     Day 39      Trip Meter:   288.6

    Fueled Coach:   At Husky’s in Dawson Creek, BC.  $0.849 = $2.731.

    Driving Directions:   Took BC 97, aka Alaska Highway, north. 

    The highway is primarily 2-lane, fair to good condition, with no shoulders to normal shoulders.  The majority of it has moderate to steep drop off at the edge of the pavement with no shoulders. 

    Around MP 50 about one mile of the 4-lane through Lake Charles is being rebuilt.  Two lanes are open and the traffic was moving smoothly but there was no heavy equipment visible.  Believe it will not be completed this year. 

    Weather:  Alternating sunny and overcast until early afternoon.  At 2:30 it sprinkled for 30 minutes then continued overcast the remainder of the day.  The high during the drive was 67 degrees.

    Days Activities:   Departed campground at 10:20 AM.  Went into town and fueled the coach.  Got on the road at 10:45 AM.

    At MP 17.3 we took the old Alaska Highway bypass – 7 miles long.  At the Kiskatinaw Bridge we stopped and took pictures.  The bridge is the last wooden bridge in use and has a 20 ton weight limit.  The Kiskatinaw Provincial Campground is just to the east of the bridge.  This section is not very well maintained but we were able to drive it at 20 to 25 mpg.

    Got a ding in the windshield about 2 miles from the construction area.  A pickup went around us and threw up a rock and I was going 55 mph.

    At MP 62.2 we took pictures of a 30’ wooden statue of a lumberjack.  It is dressed up in a Santa suit at Christmas.

    At MP 124.3 when we went through the “cut” the Canadian Rockies became visible.  They were snow capped.  We were in sight of them the rest of the day.

    At MP 154 at 2:29 PM we saw our first wildlife on the Alaska Hwy.  There were 2 young something’s on the highway.  Sue thinks they were young caribou and I’m not sure what they were.  They did not have any antlers or horns.  

    The campground we had planned on staying at was not open so we had to drive all the way to Fort Nelson.  Crossed over into Mountain Standard Time Zone.

    • Campsite:   Westend Campground, Fort Nelson, BC - overnight - site 30 - gravel pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, WiFi (FREE), cable (FREE) - Commercial Campground - no discounts - Cost $31.50 per night - Rating 4/2 - Got setup at 4:20 PM.

    Rinsed off the jeep at the RV wash.  Cost $1.00.  Diesel was $1.129 and gas was $1.099.  Drove pickup 7.2 miles .

    05-24-2009     Sun     Day 40      Trip Meter:   151.9

    Fueled Coach:   At Toad River Lodge in Toad River, BC.  $1.219 = $3.922.  Gas was $1.169/liter.

    Driving Directions:   Back on BC 97.  The highway is primarily 2-lane, fair to good condition, with no shoulders on the majority of the section we were on today with moderate to steep drop off at the edge of the pavement.

    Mile post "0" in Dawson Creek, BC.

    Wooden curved bridge over Kaskatinaw River just north of Dawson Creek, BC.  It is 531 feet long and is the only original wooden bridge in use today. 

    At MP 367 they are rebuilding the bridge and both approaches.  It is one-lane traffic for 1 mile.  When we went through the road was wet and very soft.  Looks like it will be under construction for the rest of the year.  This is the second bridge that crosses the Tetsa River.

    Weather:  Overcast in the morning.  Got 5 minutes of sunlight at 12:30.  Sun came out at 2:45 and stayed out until sunset.

    Days Activities:   Departed campground at 10:20 AM.  Animal sightings:

    • 23 miles west of Fort Nelson a black bear cub on the side of the road.  We stopped and got pictures.
    • About 3 miles further on saw another black bear cub but was unable to get pictures.
    • At MP 368 had our first moose sighting.  It was standing in a turnout but wandered up into the trees before we could get stopped.
    • At MP 374 got pictures to 2 stone sheep.  We also took pictures of McDonald River Valley at this pullout.
    • At MP 394 saw 2 very healthy looking deer.  Believe they were mule deer.

    At MP 333 we hit the summit of Steamboat Mountain in 3,500 feet.  The accent and descent was not bad.   

    • Campsite:  Strawberry Flats Campground, Muncho Lake Provincial Park, at MP 437.7, Alaska Highway, BC – 2 nights - site #11 – back in but we pulled in for a view of the lake – no services – has a table and fire ring w/grill.  Cost $15.00 CN per night.  Rating 4/5.  Got setup at 2:50 PM.  Bought firewood for $5.00. 

    The lake is still frozen but has just started to thaw a little around the edge.  The park ranger said they had 3 times the average snow fall this year. 

    We went for a drive and started following the Tetsa River at MP 357.5.  We stayed with it until it branched off at MP 373.  There was snow all along the river bank and up into the trees on both banks.  At places there was still ice in the river where there were pools of water. 

    The Tetsa River went to the right and we went to the left along Summit Lake.  The lake was still iced over with a few thawing spots out in the wider parts of the lake.  We stopped and took pictures.  The lake is at 4,200 feet. 

    Had a fire and cooked steaks.  I sit out with the fire and watched 2 sea gules play and watched the lake.  Took pictures of the sea gules.  The lake is magnificent.  

    We have decided to stay another day and drive over to Lairds Hot Springs tomorrow.  Had planned on stopping on the way with the motor home but it’s not possible to find a site like this one there.  

    05-25-2009     Mon     Day 41 - Weather:  Sunny all day with high of 60 degrees.

    Looking out the front of the motorhome at our campsite in  Strawberry Flats Campground, Muncho Lake Provincial Park, at MP 437.7, Alaska Highway, BC.

    Days Activities:   We were going to Laird Hotsprings but did not go because Sue could not find the top to her bathing suit.   

    Water was leaking out of the freezer.  Was getting an LP error message.  I checked it and couldn’t find anything wrong.  Pulled out all of the fuses and reinserted them and it started working.   

    We went out about 3 PM and drove a couple of side roads.  Just east of Manchu Lake we saw one stone sheep ram and took pictures.  Stopped at Double “G” Services and had lunch.  We had lunch here in 2005.  Today I had a roast beef sandwich and Sue had a bowl of stew.  Diesel here was $1.759/liter and gas was $1.822/liter.  Drove pickup 21.5 miles. 

    05-26-2009     Tue     Day 42      Trip Meter:   246.4

    Fueled Coach:   At Campground Services in Watson Lake, YT.  $0.999=$3.214Gas was $1.029.

    Weather:  Sunny all day with high of 68 degrees. 

    Driving Directions:   Continued on BC 97.  At the Yukon border it became YT 1.   

    All road was 2-lane today.  First 30 miles was fairly flat, no shoulders, but a lot of places to pull out.  West of Watson Lake, around MP 624, there is one mile of gravel highway.  The road service was hard packed with loose gravel.  Very smooth – was being watered. 

    At MP 675 there was a 3 mile stretch of gravel highway.  Hard packed with very little loose gravel.  Very smooth. 

    Days Activities:   Departed campground at 9:45 AM.  Animal sightings:

    • MP 444 saw 2 stone sheep.  We got pictures.
    • MP 463 saw 3 stone sheep.  I got pictures.
    • MP 471 saw one buffalo.  We got pictures.
    • MP 479 (1 mile past the Laird Hotsprings) there was a herd of about 30 buffalo laying on the side of the road.  One stood up as we were leaving.  I took pictures.
    • MP 515 saw 3 buffalo.  No pictures.
    • MP 519 saw a black bear cub.  No pictures.
    • MP 549 saw 3 buffalo.  We took pictures.
    • MP 575 saw 2 buffalo.  No pictures.
    • MP 283 saw 2 buffalo.  No pictures.
    • MP 587 saw a black bear.  I took pictures.  

    Stopped at MP 514, Coal River for lunch – we both had bison burgers.  Diesel was $1.259/liter and gas was $1.459/liter. 

    • Campsite:   Rancheria Lodge RV Park and Campground, MP 687.2, YT - overnight - site 1 - gravel pad – long pull thru - 30 amp, picnic table - Commercial Campground - no discounts - Cost $20 per night - Rating 4/4 - Got setup at 4:30 PM.  

    Additional info:   Sites are narrow but there are 40 to 50 feet of tall pines between each site.  We had to position the coach to get the slides out.  Did not unhook the pickup.

    05-27-2007     Wed     Day 43      Trip Meter:   164.3

    Weather:  Overcast until 1:30 PM then the sun came out.  High today in the low 60’s.

    Driving Directions:   Continued on YT 1 west.  Dipped down into BC again for a while.  At Jakes Corner, MP 836.8, we took YT 8 west, aka Tagish Road.

    At Morley River, MP 752, there is no pavement for the next 7 miles.  It is hard packed surface with very little loose gravel and very rough.  Speed limit is 30 mph and I did the most of it at 25 mph.

    Around MP 775, about 1 mile east of Teslin, a quarter mile of road is under construction – flagmen are out.

    Days Activities:   Departed campground at 10:15 AM.  

    At Swift River we didn’t stop but they were advertising diesel at .899 and gas at 1.049.

    Stopped at Johnson Crossing and got one of their world famous cinnamon rolls.  Price was listed as $3.95 but was only charged $2.50.  Maybe it is one of the rejects.  We will find out at breakfast tomorrow morning.

    Saw a little fox right after we left Johnson Crossing.  That is the only animal sighting today except for 3 birds.

    • Campsite:   Tagish Store, Café, Motel & RV Park, Tagish, YT - overnight - site 9 - gravel pad - back-in but we pulled in - 30 amp, picnic table - Commercial Campground - no discounts - Cost $26.25 per night - Rating 3/3 - Got setup at 2:30 PM.

    Additional info:   Very narrow sites.  There are 2 pull-thrus.  One was occupied and I could not get in the other one because of trees.  The owner is also the postmaster.  The post office is in one end of the motel and is open Mon-Wed-Fri from 3:30 to 6 PM. 

    This campground is the hardest we have ever stayed in as far as getting parked and getting out.  We will never stay here again.  Drove pickup .5 miles.

    We went to Skagway, AK for 3 nights.  See "Archives 2009" - "2009 Alaska 1" TAB on the left for that portion of this trip .

    05-31-2009     Sun     Day 47      Trip Meter:   106.5

    Fueled Coach:   At Skagway, AK.  $2.910.

    Fueled Pickup:   At Skagway, AK.  $2.910.

    Weather:  Sunny all day.  High in the high 50’s.  Beautiful day.

    Driving Directions:   Took AK/YT 2 back to YT 1 (Alcan).  YT 2 merged with YT 1.  At YT 1 & 2  took it west about 7 miles to the campground that is 5 miles east of Whitehorse.  The section of road from Carcross to YT 1 was in good condition.

    Days Activities:
       Departed campground at 9:50 AM.  Went into Skagway and fueled both vehicles.  Got hooked up and on the road at 10:20 AM.  
    Animal sightings:

    • Black bear – Sue took pictures.
    • Porcupine – no pictures.
    • Black bear – I took pictures.
    • Campsite:   Pioneer RV Park, Whitehorse, YT - 3 nights - site 72 - gravel pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, WiFi (FREE), cable (FREE) - Good Sam Park - Cost $26.46 per night - Saved $8.82 - Rating 5/2 - Got setup at 4:50 PM.

    Additional info:   A note about the campground.  We are in the lower level that is just a gravel parking lot with utilities.  There is an upper level that is situated in the trees but does not have sewer.  There is also an area for self-contained units that is free –this is very unusually for a commercial campground.   

    There is a vehicle wash with hot soapy water for $1.00 for 3 minutes.  Also can get the oil changed and lubed for a reasonable fee.  Can do it yourself for a small fee if you use your own supplies or do it for free if you buy the supplies here.   

    The time of departure and time to setup seems long but we crossed back into Pacific Time zone so lost an hour.  Then I washed the coach before setting up – cost $10.00.  Also visited about 30 minutes with our neighbor from Vancouver Island before completing the setup.   

    Went to the RV Park office and purchased tickets for the “Frantic Follies” for tomorrow night.  Cost $24.00 each. 

    06-01-2009     Mon     Day 48         

    Weather:  Sunny in the high 70’s.

    Days Activities:   Stayed in during the day and at 7:30 PM went to the Frantic Follies.  The show was as good as the one we saw in 2005.  Highly recommend it.  Cost $24.00 each.

    Our campsite at Pioneer RV Park, Whitehorse, YT

    06-02-2009     Tue     Day 49    

    Weather:  Sunny in the mid 80’s.

    Days Activities:  Purchased tickets to the M.V. SchwatkaIt is a tour boat on the Miles Canyon River.  Tickets were $30.00 each and it was a really bad tour.  There are only 12 seats on the outside top area and the bottom seating area is not conducive to touring.  We did not get top side seats and on the return trip back down the river they did not make the outside passengers change places with us.  They did request them to but only 2 people did.  A real waste of money and time.  The 2 hour trip only lasted a bit over 1½ hours.

    For the 3 days we have been here I have been visiting with our neighbor.  He sets out and has an evening drink but his wife stays in all the time.  He is a retired RCMP officer and they live on Vancouver Island.  They usually spend the summer in Mexico but decided to do Alaska this year.  He lived in Alaska 35 years ago.  

    Drove pickup 61.5 miles .

    06-03-2009     Wed     Day 50      Trip Meter:   228.3

    Fueled Coach:   At Pioneer RV Park, Whitehorse, YT.  $0.945 = $3.040.

    Fueled Pickup:   At Pioneer RV Park, Whitehorse, YT.  $0.985 = $3.168.

    Weather:  Sunny in mid to high 80’s.

    Driving Directions:   Continued west on YT 1 & 2.  About 6 miles west of Whitehorse YT 2 turned north and we took it, aka Klondike Loop.  At MP 2 there is work being done on the bridge and one-way traffic is controlled by a portable red light.  From approximately MP 130 to 150 there were at least six places in the highway that had large holes in the pavement and none of them were marked.   

    Days Activities:   Topped off the coach and pickup and filled the propane tank – all at the campground.  Got a 3 cent discount on diesel and gasoline.  Departed campground at 10:45 AM. 

    At MP 55.2 stopped at the Braeburn Lodge and got a huge cinnamon bun.  The airstrip across the highway from the lodge is called Cinnamon Bun Strip in honor of the huge bun.  It is reported that people fly in here just for the bun.  That is the only reason we stopped.  It cost $8.50 and weight about 2 pounds.  I took a picture of it. 

    At MP 116 stopped at Five Fingers Rapids and we took pictures.  This is the most famous portion of the Yukon River and is the most dangerous portion of the river to navigate.

    At MP 145 there was a Holland America tour bus setting across the road.  I took a picture.  It looks like the driver was trying to turn around and backed off the edge of the road.  There was a dirt road directly in front of the bus and large vehicles were being directed onto that road.  There was a turn around within a couple of 100 yards and when we came out we were able to get around the bus that way.  Small vehicles were able to just pull around the front of the bus.  

    No animal sightings today.  Not much for scenery on this section of road. 

    • Campsite:   Whispering Willows RV Park, Stewart Crossing, YT - 2 nights - site 2 - gravel pad - pull thru - 15 amp, water, picnic table, WiFi (FREE – at the office) - Commercial Campground - no discounts - Cost $25.00 per night - Rating 5/1 - Got setup at 5 PM.  Additional info:  This is really a dump but we want to drive the Silver Trail tomorrow.  There is a restaurant and a Shell gas station here.  The RV office is in the restaurant.

    06-04-2009     Thur     Day 51    

    Weather:   Sunny and in the high 80’s.

    Days Activities:   We departed home at 10 AM for a drive out YT 11, aka Silver Trail.  It was pavement for the first 36 mile. 

    Five Fingers Rapids on Yukon River.

    First stop was at MP 31, the Mayo Municipal Campground called McIntyre Park.  It provides free camping with firewood and sites right on the Mayo River.  We could have gotten the coach in several of the sites.

    Next stop was at MP 32, the town of Mayo.  It has a population of 470 and is the service center for mineral exploration.  We drove around the town but didn’t stop.  It is a really old town – didn’t see any building that looked to have been built within the past 50 years.

    At MP 35 we drove through the Five Mile Lake Provincial Campground.  There are 20 real nice large sites but none on the lake.  Cost is $12.00 per night with free firewood.

    At MP 69 we stopped in Keno and went to the museum – cost $2.50 each.  Keno has a population of 20 and the town is very trashy – looks a lot like a dump ground.  There are still several working silver mines in the area.  We took pictures of some of the buildings in town.

    Then we drove up to the signpost on the top of Keno Hill.  It was a 6.5 mile drive up a 4-wheel drive road but we did pass a Class C motorhome near the top.  Elevation was listed at 6,066 feet but our GPS only registered 5,555 feet.  Keno is at 3,125 feet.   

    We took pictures of the signpost and scenery.  I took pictures of the motorhome and the road we drive on.  As the snow was melting the water was running down the center of the road.  It was a good side trip. 

    We returned by way of Duncan Road.  It was the original Silver Road to Keno – very rough – and is 25 miles long.  It reconnects with YT 11 at about MP 43.  Saw a black fox on this section of the road but no pictures.  The only animal sighting today. 

    It was a pleasant trip today and we got back home at 4:45 PM.   

    The rough roads did cause Sue some discomfort with her back so we decided to bypass the Dempster Highway because it is 470 miles of bad road. 

    Really bad mosquito problem at this stop.  Drove pickup 160.6 miles .

    06-05-2009     Fri     Day 52      Trip Meter:   111.0

    Weather:  Sunny all day.  High in the low 90’s.

    Sign Post on top of Keno Hill.  See 2009 Photos to read the signs.

    Driving Directions:   Continued on 2 north.  Road was in fair condition for this section.  Several short sections were under repair

    The only thing worth mentioning in regards to scenery on YT 2 has been the wild flowers.  There have been long sections of yellow, purple, and blue wildflowers and blue lupines (looks like blue bonnets).  

    Days Activities:   Departed campground at 10:40 AM.  We were going to stop at Dempster Corner and take the Dempster Highway to Eagle Plains but Sue’s back is still bothering her, so we decided to by pass it up.  Will stay an extra day in Dawson City and 2 extra days in Chicken.  

    • Campsite:   Dawson City RV Park, Dawson City, YT - 4 nights overnight - site 62 - gravel pad - pull thru - 30 amp, water, sewer, picnic table, WiFi (FREE), cable (FREE) - Commercial Campground - no discounts - Cost $35.69 per night - Rating 5/2 - Got setup at 1:40 PM. 

    Sent an email to Chicken Gold Camp & Outpost and requested reservations for 5 nights starting Jun 9th.  Got confirmation for 3 nights with services and 2 nights dry camping.

    06-06-2009     Sat     Day 53    

    Weather:  Light sprinkle for 2 hours in the early morning.  Overcast until early afternoon then some sun.  High today in low 70’s.

    Days Activities:   We got up early to go to the farmers market but discovered it doesn’t open until noon.  In fact not much opens in town until 9 AM.  Went to the visitor’s center and watched 3 films, about 20 minutes each – the early days of Dawson City, the riverboats, and about the gold rush.

    Went to the farmers market but the only thing anyone was selling was flowers – to early for produce.  We went across the ferry and drove through the provincial campground just on the other side.  There were 94 sites, many large enough for the coach, all with no services.

    Drove out to the Top of the World Golf Course and stopped at the overlook.  I took pictures of Dawson City and the Yukon River and Sue took flower pictures.  Continuing on to the golf course we made several stops and we both took flower pictures.  

    We went to Diamond Tooth Gerties for the 8:30 PM floor show.  Afterwards Sue played a little blackjack and I played a penny slot.   

    06-07-2009     Sun     Day 54   

    Weather:   Sunny in the morning, overcast with light rain in the afternoon, and sunny again in the evening.  High today was 65. 

    Days Activities:   We drove up to the Dome overlooking Dawson City but it was raining so will go again tomorrow.  

    I intended to go gold panning this afternoon but my gold fever is for recreational purposes only so don’t intend to get wet and cold when doing it.  Will put it off until the weather is better.

    06-08-2009     Mon     Day 55     

    Weather:  Sunny all day with high in high 70’s.

    Looking down at Dawson City from an overlook on the west bank of Yukon River.
    Days Activities:   I went out to dredge #4 and took the tour again – Sue didn’t go.  It was as interesting this time as it was in 2005.  Cost $6.30. 

    When I returned we took another driver up the dome.  We both got some good pictures of Dawson City and the Yukon River.  As we were going back down I saw a dirt road going up another mountain so we took it.   

    The elevation at the campground was 1,090.  The elevation at the Dome was 2,920.  On top of the other mountain we drove were a fire watch tower and a weather station at 3,495.  The trip up was 575 feet in 1.1 miles and then we drove 1.6 miles on the other side of the watch tower.  The 5.4 round trip took 40 minutes of continual driving.  Drove pickup 100.1 miles. 

    06-09-2009     Tue     Day 56      Trip Meter:   112.9

    Weather:  Sunny in the morning with some overcast in the afternoon.  High in the low 70’s.

    Driving Directions:   Took the ferry across the Yukon River and took YT 9 west, aka “Top of the World Highway”.  At the border the road became “Boundary Road” for 13 miles then intersected with AK 5 south, aka “Taylor Highway”.  Stopped in Chicken, AK.   

    YT 9 is a combination of pavement and gravel.  At one time it was all pavement but has deteriorated and reverted to gravel.  

    • First 8 miles was paved with 2 breaks – one a ½ mile and the other 200 yards.
    • Then 8 miles of gravel.
    • Then 2 miles of pavement and 5 miles of gravel.
    • Then 2 miles of pavement and 7½ miles of gravel.
    • Then ½ mile of pavement and 6 miles of gravel.
    • Then 200 yards of pavement and 2 miles of gravel.
    • Then 1 mile of pavement and 4½ miles of gravel.
    • Then 3 miles of pavement and ½ of gravel.
    • Then 15 miles of pavement to the border.

    Boundary Road was gravel and rub board for all 13 miles.  AK 5 was gravel and rough for over half the way.  There were short sections that was smooth.

    Fueled Pickup:   At the campground in Dawson City, YT.  $1.209 = $3.890.  Got a 4 cent a litre discount.

    Days Activities:   Departed campground at 11:15 AM.  Got across the ferry and back on the road at 11:50 AM.

    We didn’t take any pictures until the overlook at the border crossing.  The best part of the drive is the last 8 miles before the border crossing.  That section is magnificent – the entire drive is spectacular.  

    We left Dawson at 1,090 feet and went to 3,800 feet then down to 3,200 feet then back up to 4,350 feet at the border crossing overlook.  It was a great roller coaster ride.  Lots of wildflowers on the Canadian side.

    Questions at the border were did we buy anything in Canada that we were bring in, any guns, any agricultural products, any wildlife, cash over $10,000.  Very quick and easy. 

    Gained an hour when we crossed the border.

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